Neighborhood Wisdom

I ran into a wonderful lady that I occasionally see while I am out dog walking.  She and I were updating each other on our lives, and she imparted to me that she might be losing her job.  She works in a school system with troubled youth, and it seems her desire for her students […]

Not Me

I have been a dog walker for eleven years now, and over that time it seems that more and more cars are no longer stopping at the stop signs.  Occasionally, people will slow down slightly before gassing through the intersection, or will quick pump their brakes, throwing a slight glance in the direction that they […]

Balanced Presence is a flexibility within ourselves to ebb and flow in the presence of life; merging the needs and desires of our physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being. It is an energetic alignment with our deepest desires, and an investigation into our beliefs, patterns, and learned ecology, so as to fully embrace the life we desire.

For a while now, what I have come to understand is that part of my life’s purpose is to encourage natural healing and promote life presence utilizing varied methods; many that have been here since the beginning of mankind.

  • Transformational Coaching – it is a partnership, a source of support, and an investigation into the habits, patterns, and limiting beliefs that act as a ball and chain to us reaching our internal desired outcomes in all areas of our lives. It is about resourcing another with the tools needed to take constructive action in their lives, and finally reconstructing barriers into bridges. all while growing ourselves and the universal community of consciousness.
  • Massage Therapy – is the laying of hands on the body; allowing the power of educated touch to meld with breath and intuition, to facilitate soft tissue changes and enhance the mind, body, spirit connection.
  • Reiki – sharing drawn energy from the earth for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being to best serve the receiver’s highest and greatest good.
  • Nutrition – nourishing our bodies with the vast variety of real foods offered from the earth, and feeling empowered to have our body be a worthy representative of our glorious spirit.
  • Aromatherapy – using the carrier and essential oils from plants, herbs, flowers, fruits, and seeds for therapeutic healing.

Throughout my own spiritual journey, it has become so clear to me that these beautiful, natural gifts, are truly some of the most direct, peaceful, sustainable, and deeply soul-enriching methods of healing available to us.

What Clients Have to Say!

Jessie and her magic hands. I have never left her table without being “fixed”. I appreciate her consideration of me as a whole and not just a knotted up puzzle to fix.

Lauren S.

Jessie is an excellent massage therapist. I can’t wait to try out these new services!

Matt N.

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