On July 29, 2015, my first article was published for the, then Clarion, now Hometown Gazette. I remember feeling shocked and inspired that I was going to get to engage with all of you; sharing the lessons, tools, and resources that have allowed for transformation in my own life. What I genuinely love about writing […]

How often do you feel you escape from your day? Perhaps you escape in your mind to a fantasy world or a mental to-do list? Perhaps you notice that you are continually breaking away from a task at hand to fuss with something, grab a snack, make a call, or check your phone? For some, […]

Balanced Presence is flexibility within ourselves to ebb and flow in the presence of life; merging the needs and desires of our physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being. It is an alignment with our deepest desires, and an investigation into our beliefs, patterns, and ecology, so as to fully embrace life.

For a while now, what I have come to understand is that part of my life’s purpose is to encourage natural healing and promote life presence utilizing varied methods; many that have been here since the beginning of mankind.

  • Transformational Coaching – it is a partnership, a source of support, and an investigation into the habits, patterns, and limiting beliefs that act as a ball and chain to us reaching our internal desired outcomes in all areas of our life. It is about becoming resourced with the tools needed to take constructive action in one’s life and reconstructing barriers into bridges.
  • Massage Therapy – is the laying of hands on the body; allowing the power of educated touch to meld with breath and intuition, to facilitate soft tissue changes and enhance the mind, body, spirit connection.
  • Reiki – sharing drawn energy from the earth for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being to best serve the receiver’s highest and greatest good.
  • Nutrition – nourishing our bodies with the vast variety of real foods offered from the earth, and feeling empowered to have our body be a worthy representative of our glorious spirit.

Throughout my own journey, it has become clear to me that these beautiful, natural gifts, are truly some of the most direct, peaceful, sustainable, and deeply soul-enriching methods of healing available to us.

What Clients Have to Say!

My transformational coaching sessions with Jessie have been incredible. She has encouraged me to a take a journey within myself, albeit not always a comfortable one, but definitely a healing and strengthening journey.
The biggest compliment that I could offer regarding her coaching and abilities is that she has allowed me to find my inner strength and protection. As most of us do, I have an “interesting” relationship with my family members. I have been specifically working on these relationships for a few sessions, all the while keeping my expectations low. To my delight and surprise, the lessons and mental training worked!  I came back from 8 days of total familial immersion still myself. I was not depleted. I was not questioning myself. I went into the situation with the tools I needed and was successful. For this experience, I could never thank Jessie enough.
Lauren W.Transformational Coaching

Jessie is an excellent massage therapist. I can’t wait to try out these new services!

Matt N.Massage

Jessie and her magic hands. I have never left her table without being “fixed”. I appreciate her consideration of me as a whole and not just a knotted up puzzle to fix.

Lauren W.Massage

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