I’m thrilled to say the “Claim Your Life” workshop, at All Things Serenity Yoga and Events Center in Union City, proved to be a joyous event!  It was my first time presenting this workshop, and I certainly learned from the experience.  Many attendees shared that they were excited by the new tools shared; and for others, the reminder, or increased perspective, of previously known ones.  It was such a joy to make one-on-one connections with so many readers and hear about where their life has currently led them.  It meant a great deal to me that so many wonderful people were willing to take time to be a part of this special event.

One of the things I absolutely love about doing workshops is the vulnerability that is expressed by the participants.  It takes such courage to be willing to share in front of others, or open your self up afterwards.  I was delighted to witness the support that exists within the community; helping each other through trying times.  This community of seekers has shown me how unique support can be from the general public, when vulnerability is valued and not abused.

We discussed specific, user-friendly life tools to break down the priorities in each of our lives, and how we are going to implement them into our busy schedules.  We dug deep into those priorities to understand the beliefs making them feel necessary, and worked from there to shed light on our patterns and habits.  We were able to, by the end, move forward by recognizing a specific non-serving belief that we will commit to shedding awareness and recognition on, to help release ourselves from the story attached to it.  We followed the workshop with a beautiful yoga session, led by owner, Paula DeJongh.

As with all inspirational events, it is common that about a week afterwards, we tend to fall back into the patterns of our daily routines.  The excitement, and motivation begins to become muddied by our to-do list and bustling schedules. We tend to lose the details of the event and the words that grabbed us. Personally, I have been asking of myself to make time each day to review the feedback I received Saturday evening from the participants, as well as, making adjustments to the curriculum and handouts, to better improve my workshop.  I’ve been practicing new methods to enhance my presentation style, while still allowing myself to be present in the moment and flow where I feel will benefit the participants.

Actually, I tend to often pull out past events or schoolings and re-listen or reread them.  I find that, so often, what I remember is what is easy for me, or of the greatest interest, but that doesn’t always mean it’s what would best stretch me to grow.  I’ve found myself lately, re-listening to the year of Transformational Coaching lectures that I completed a couple years back.  Interestingly, the person I am as I listen today definitely hears things differently than the person I was when I originally heard them.  Plus, I’ve been using the material, so my ability to hear more into what is being discussed seems to really enhance my current learning.

What about you?  Is there a lecture, schooling program, work assessment, or event you’ve attended that you can review your material from?  Perhaps you, too, are actually working in your trained field, but just want to enhance or refresh your material.  I assure you, with my massage therapy, canine massage therapy, reiki, health coaching, aromatherapy, and transformational life coaching, there is bound to be helpful insights, or all out wisdoms, that I’ve completely forgotten!

Whenever I do these types of reviews I always feel so much more engaged when I am working.  It’s that re-commitment to what I’m passionate about, and the knowing that I have invested in myself, and my field, to be of better service.  I’m constantly seeking new information, but I enjoy my mornings with my past lectures equally so!  I hope you, too, can be reinvigorated by what you think you already know!

A huge thank you, again, to all who attended my “Claim Your Life” workshop, and to Paula DeJohng, of All Things Serenity Yoga and Events Center, for hosting me.  I look forward to returning in the near future!

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