You know what you want.  You imagine how it will feel to live the life of your dreams.  You put one foot in front of the other each day, but are you headed toward that life?  The conscious actions you take are defining what your life actually is.

Now, you may be saying, “Well, I can’t very well just up and quit my job!  I have invested the past ten years there.  Sure, I don’t love it, but what am I really supposed to do?”  The thing is, what you choose is your life.  Though, admittedly, it does not always feel that clear cut.  It’s only simplified when you discover why you stay in a job you dislike, and I assure you, it’s not the years invested.  Likely, it’s more about fear; fear of the unknown; fear that you don’t know enough; fear that you’ll fail at something new; fear that you wouldn’t be paid your value somewhere else.  But, how do you actually know these things are true?  You don’t.  You may fully believe they are, but you can’t actually know until you take that leap of faith.  So, you stay in the job by choice to spare yourself having to face those potential unknowns.

In Transformational Coaching we work with clients to expand their menu options, if you will, in life, so that they don’t feel stuck.  So often we don’t take action in life toward what we desire because we can’t see a way to reach it, and our current situation has left us feeling hopeless.  Unable to see any other realistic options, we stay put and do nothing.  The beauty in all of this is– the mindset is revisable.

Taking action toward your dream life can, indeed, be terrifying. And, while I do believe in the words, “Leap of Faith,” that doesn’t mean you take action without applying logic.  I believe often your perfect opportunity is just on the other side of that trusting leap of faith.  I have a dear friend who uprooted his life to leave Chicago and pursue a new career which would take him into a complicated school system in the inner city of New York.  Admittedly, he wasn’t sure how it would all pan out, and even more admittedly, he didn’t actually love his new schooling and career path once it got going.  But, he made a choice.  This weekend, two years after his initial leap of faith, he left that job for his dream job.  On a whim he applied for the job of his dreams which would move him, and his family, to Connecticut, only a week after applying.  Did I mention that he and his wife had planned a vacation in Connecticut, to explore one of their favorite little towns, and that he was called for an interview while they were there on holiday?  And, the school he interviewed with combined the two areas he loved teaching most?  And the apartment he found was the apartment his wife had fallen in love with during her search, but passed over because it wasn’t originally listed as dog friendly?  But, his family, who happen to live in Connecticut, was also apartment looking for them.  They had emailed the renter of that very unit, not knowing his wife had loved it, to ask if they would ever consider waiving that restriction.  So, when they arrived to see the apartment, his wife was elated to realize it was the very apartment that she had found herself initially drawn to?  Now, maybe it’s just me, but this is not coincidence; this is the Universe at work; offering this family, who took a leap of faith, to reap the benefits of trusting in its guidance.

I talk a great deal about trusting in your gut.  To me, your gut voice is the Universe speaking directly to you, attempting to keep you on your purpose path.  So often, the words we hear from our gut seem mind-blowing and terrifying.  Trust me!  I understand!  I follow my gut always, and it often has me shaking my head as I take that leap of faith.

Here’s the thing:  If you do not choose the changes in your life, they are going to come in ways you are likely also unprepared for.  So, as I see it, why not consciously choose them!  The outcome is not guaranteed either way.

We’ve all heard that actions speak louder than words, and I believe it’s because words are easy.  It’s easy to talk about what you want, or what you wish was different, but actions, they require choice.

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