As I scroll through my social media sites over my oatmeal each morning, it is always interesting to see individual beliefs hard at work.  Truth be told, I find social media often a very dull platform; as I believe it often only highlights the very neediest aspects of human relationships.  Very rarely do I stumble upon something that doesn’t feel like a theatrical production awaiting the crowds’ reactions.  But, quite honestly, what I also suspect is that every single person posting them feels like they are being sincere.

Why would I say such a thing?  Because I cherish human relationships, and what it is that we are each seeking from our lives.  It saddens me to see those human emotions lessened to a victimizing meme saying:  “If you are my friend, you’ll share this meme, or support this cause, or jump through this hoop.”  I do not see self-love or empowerment developing or being revealed in that, and yet it floods very lovable people’s feeds repeatedly.  One person saw another person do it, and get the acknowledgment and approval that the small child inside of them is also seeking, as thus they tried the same tactic.  And, because it is such an acceptable way of interacting, it succeeded, and thus the desire to do it again and again is addictive.  Yet, nothing changes inside the person truly.  For a brief moment they feel a spike of joy that soon fades and it must be repeated again and again.  It’s addiction, if we’re being blunt.  It’s a tool that creates pleasure, and it is way simpler than looking internally to what it is that feels unfulfilled, or lacking, that we could repair and grow to heights of love within ourselves that we’ve never witnessed before.  And that level of self-love and empowerment is possible for each and every person; I’ve witnessed it hundreds of times as a Transformational Life Coach.  And, more importantly, it’s sustainable because it is not addiction driven!

It seems weird to think we may have a social media emotion-spiking addiction but this is where I believe we need to really ask ourselves, with rake over the coals honesty, what our intention is with each and every sharing.  Personally, I understand the excitement when I feel people enjoying my article postings.  When I feel others have been impacted in some way by the words that flow through my spirit as I connect with the life force within me.  I share my articles on Facebook, Instagram, and my website every Wednesday, and publish additional memes every Monday and Friday.  Yes, I have marketing in my mind, as well as connection.  Yes, I want to be a successful entrepreneur.  But you see, I don’t need likes to tell me my value or my writings’ value.  I may use the reactions to posts to inform me if my time is best spent marketing in that format, but I’m not making it mean anything about myself.  It is not defining my happiness, or my sadness, or my emotional make-up, or me.  My writings, my memes, they are a tool for connection and marketing, they are not what defines me – only I can do that.

I was listening to a blurb by Russell Brand the other day as he promotes his book, “Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions.”  He made such a beautiful statement that has really lingered in me.  He said, “Happiness lies beyond the superficial stimulation of pleasure…  People can sell you pleasure, no one call sell you happiness.  Happiness you resource within.”  It sticks with me because while I feel so many people can hear this statement, I wonder if they truly know how to reach this place within themselves.  I’m not going to now start talking about meditation and yoga, or mantras or self-help books – though they can be resources and retainers to maintain and engage this source, but more about the mindset of happiness.  The beliefs within us that aim to tear us down, or crave the addiction of a thumbs up, being restored to already knowing you are love; pure unalterable love.  Understanding that, while we are all developing the tools to free ourselves from our individual belief chains that bind us, so that we can act from this place of wholeness, that our source of love is untouchable, as it is the very source of life itself that invigorates our being.

This may seem beyond memes, at this point, and indeed, it is light years beyond any meme; this is exactly my point.  Love is emanating through us, and it’s a matter of learning how to engage that with each breath that ultimately holds us above our addiction to our social media pages.

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