It’s amazing how a plan can change once we start to bring it into the light.  I was recently traveling through the mountains of Oregon, with the intention of finding the town I’d like to move to.  What I thought I wanted, and what actually pulled at my heart strings, surprised me a bit.

After days of incredible hikes, taking us from the east to the west of the state, a gorgeous ride along the Pacific coast, we returned to the city of Portland.  When we began our journey, we were certain that we wanted to enjoy the hiking of the mountains, but ultimately live in a smaller town on the outskirts of Portland.  We had convinced ourselves that we needed a city in order to allow our entrepreneurial endeavors to thrive.  However, once we started to live our journey, on a cellular level; breathing in the air of the mountains, sweating pure determination into our trails, connecting with locals; we began to experience a shift.

There is a great deal of variety that comes with living near a big city.  There are tons of restaurants, with all kinds of cuisine.  There are mixes of cultural activities, religious centers, and community events.  While we enjoy, and regularly take advantage of all of these opportunities, what became clear to us, is what we felt was sacrificed.  For us, nothing compares to the spaciousness of a trail along a cliff’s edge, thick with ferns, filled with 350 feet Sequoia trees, leading you to a private ocean-side beach.  The forest filled with the songs of the animals, and the hues of sunlight streaking through the dense green. It dawned on us that what we actually wanted, over city variety, was nature’s variety.

We began to re-evaluate our life.  Turns out, while we do enjoy amazing cuisine, we only eat out a few times a month.  What we actually care about more are great ingredients to cook with.  And, all the super food dry goods that we normally purchase at the market; well, those could be shipped through Amazon if need be.

As for needing the city to build our businesses; well, we discovered that instead of living just outside of a major city, we’d prefer to simply come in that way a couple times a month. We felt the excitement of buying a camper!  We could drive into the outskirts of the city, camp with the dogs, engage in our entrepreneurial opportunities, enjoy the specialty cuisine, explore the city neighborhoods, and then return to nature.  We began to see that living in a smaller community also meant spreading our gifts to people likely less familiar with them.  What a great way to experience and create that sense of community.

When we allowed ourselves to move outside of the initial thoughts that were filled with safety, comfort, and familiarity, to experience the emotions of our hearts, with the openness to allow them in, we then became resourceful.  It was no longer a compromise, but a genuine plan to live to our fullest potential.

What is calling to you?  Where is your life trying to lead you?  Have you already decided what you can and can’t have?  Or how it would have to be in order to do so?  Once you have felt what you wanted, how do you keep that determination strong within you to reach for it?

It’s important to start making decisions that turn your life, and your life’s energy, in the direction you desire.  We have mapped out a marketing strategy for our businesses, to increase our client bases, and our revenue, before we can move.  We have spoken with a realtor to discover what repairs would be the wisest investment to begin the process of fulfilling them and preparing for a sale.  We are going to an RV show in February, and we are planning a trip for April to Washington state to see if that’s even more of what we are seeking.  We are cutting out extras to begin to save more.  We are not moving tomorrow, that would not be sensible.  But, each day that we take a step towards this dream life, the closer we will be to living it.

So, what about you? What new perspective can you allow in to help you tap into your resourcefulness?  And, are you holding an openness to how it could be, rather than how you’ve already envisioned it has to be?  What is the next step you could take on this path to your dreams?

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