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A Shared Connection

I am not really a television watcher, not at all really.  However, recently I purchased Hulu for a month to watch a documentary series.  After finishing the series, I began to watch a show I had heard many of my friends talking about– This is Us.  If I’m being honest, I usually think sitcoms are […]

The Inward Holiday

As I sat pondering Thanksgiving and Christmas, I thought:  Christmas is the holiday where we show our appreciation for others through our giving; usually in the form of a gift.  Christmas encourages an outward expression of love or gratitude.  But Thanksgiving, that’s the day where, yes, we outwardly share a feast, but more so, we […]

A Vote for Spirituality

I often write my article a bit ahead of time, and while this article will run after the election is over, I am currently sitting here, writing this, and watching the live results on my mobile phone. I don’t often watch my television, and I suspect tonight it will be extra noisy, which for me […]

The Great Dane Comparative

It’s a bit ironic that on the ten year anniversary of The Diddy Club, my dog walking company, I spent the morning at Urgent Care.  My back went out from trying to wrangle a 165 pound Great Dane, whom I admittedly still adore.  It was very interesting to acknowledge how much my life has changed […]

Action is the Key

You know what you want.  You imagine how it will feel to live the life of your dreams.  You put one foot in front of the other each day, but are you headed toward that life?  The conscious actions you take are defining what your life actually is. Now, you may be saying, “Well, I […]

The Final Outcome Steps

Today we will wrap up my five-part series on the Outcome Frame.  The Outcome Frame is a series of questions, used by many coaches, to get to the root of their client’s desires, while also uncovering the initial roadblocks to achieving them. Over the past month we have been utilizing the Outcome Frame questions to […]

Clarify Your Desires

Over the past two weeks we have been putting desire in the forefront of our minds and, like a pumpkin, consciously carving into it to get the outcome we crave. We’ve investigated the first two questions of the Outcome Frame, which is a series of questions that I use as a coach to help get […]