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With Thanks and Gratitude

On July 29, 2015, my first article was published for the, then Clarion, now Hometown Gazette. I remember feeling shocked and inspired that I was going to get to engage with all of you; sharing the lessons, tools, and resources that have allowed for transformation in my own life. What I genuinely love about writing […]

Your Escape Route

How often do you feel you escape from your day? Perhaps you escape in your mind to a fantasy world or a mental to-do list? Perhaps you notice that you are continually breaking away from a task at hand to fuss with something, grab a snack, make a call, or check your phone? For some, […]

The Parental Impact

In the 1960s Diana Baumrind, a developmental psychologist, and later in the 1980s, Maccoby and Martin, helped to define four styles of parenting. What is important about this is understanding how we parent or how we were parented can help us identify if we are best serving our children, or what long-term effects may still […]

Own Your Life

I’ve been working with several individuals lately around the concepts of victimization and ownership and I suspect there are others who also struggle with creating these boundaries within their own lives. To define these terms I think it’s necessary to speak about them together. With regard to victimization, this, to me, is when we are […]

Challenge Your Love

We are living in a world with a great divide.  Obviously, this is something that is not new, but it is certainly in the limelight currently with the potential to encourage genuine change, not only in America but in the world.  Where do you find yourself in this divide?  Do you feel compelled to lean in a certain […]

Grow Your Resiliency

Can we grow our resiliency? In registering for my upcoming Summer semester, I felt pretty elated to snag a seat in the elective, “Transforming Trauma through Resilience.” Our textbook’s author, Dr. Rick Hanson, who is considered a leading researcher in resilience did a lecture for the Global Resiliency Summit. I thought I would share with […]

The Narrative of Suffering

What narrative have you created around this time in our history? Are you feeding into strong political leanings? Are you feeling threatened? Are you disconnecting, not only physically, but emotionally from those you pass by? What is true for you? I was recently watching an exchange between Eckhart Tolle and Oprah Winfrey, whom I consider […]

Your Own Personal Pandemic

There seems to be a great deal of focus on what we are each accomplishing during this pandemic. That somehow, if you don’t clean the spare bedroom out, finish a novel, up your exercise routine, or discover a hidden talent then you’re… (insert meaning about yourself). This is a very slippery slope, mind you, because […]

New Discoveries

In the midst of the pandemic, where few things are normal, I believe we’ve all been offered an alternate perspective from which to view our lives. Being quarantined, our worlds become much smaller, and our habits much more evident. Perhaps you are even feeling stirred having this opportunity to better recognize your coping strategies, or […]