Awakened Inspiration

Today I was tasked to begin my final paper for my research course which just began last week.  You see, we are working toward its completion in increments, as it is such a massive undertaking.  Personally, I feel quite grateful that this ‘chunking down’ is part of the course assignments and not in addition to them.  Basically, what my morning consisted of was attempting to fine-tune a graduate-level theory of which to explore throughout this semester.  Personally, as I had already been contemplating a doctorate dissertation, I had a few ideas, but nothing with the level of specificity needed to properly search databases.

As I began searching for my intended general topic, allowing myself to be guided by my findings, to hone in on the refined language and clarity of a proper thesis, what I came to discover was my sheer joy in reading the insights of others who were drawn by their own curiosity to uncover more in their perspective fields.  What about you?  What areas of life hold the most curiosity for you?  

I intersperse my studies with occasional ten-minute Netflix ‘mental breaks,’ where I allow myself to be distracted by additional hobbies and interests that I find entertaining, but admittedly, when I think about how much time I had once committed to my Netflix subscription, I am saddened for all the time lost.  While the glow from my laptop kept me company during a lonely stage in my life, I can confidently say it didn’t really grow me.  In fact, when I started school I didn’t turn on Netflix for over five months and really didn’t even care about the remaining episodes of any series’ I had begun.  It was a filler to my life.  Once I began to read and engage in materials that were truly allowing for revelations to come over me, I could recognize how much of my time I had genuinely wasted.  

I’m not one for regret, but I am one for awareness.  Now that I know what it feels like to be awakened within by a sense of curiosity toward an area of study that genuinely enthralls me, I know I can never go back, at least not at that level I had previously submerged myself and I am so grateful for that.   Ask yourself if you really care about the ending to some random series that you mindlessly watched at racing speed?  Or if a conversation with another on a topic that creates a sense of zing and energy through your being is what you really crave?  Now, I’m not suggesting everyone go back to school, but there are endless opportunities to connect with others who share your interests.  What if you started with just an hour or so a week to engage with those communities?  

Once inspiration hits in one area of one’s life, it seems to spread like a wildfire throughout the soul; allowing for awakenings in multiple areas.  Inspiration has the ability to change our life perspective, and shake us free from our patterns.  Now, some patterns may prove harder than others to shake up, but I believe inspiration has a way of, at the very least, alerting us to those areas within ourselves that seem harder to heal.  To me, I find that a pure blessing.  Healing seems so much more meaningful when we are aware of and a willing participant within its process.

Often it is fear that keeps us from these opportunities; some belief about one’s self that tells us we won’t fit in, or keep up, or be enough in some way.  But, those are the very beliefs that can be reframed through the very engagements that we fear!  It’s very easy to fall back to what is comfortable or to try for a month or two, and then revert back to life as we knew it, and, if I may, this is where our spirit shows itself the most fully.  This is where our soul often pleads with us to not cave into our loneliness, or sense of failure, or fear of being -it’s in these moments in our life that we are choosing our path.  

Remind me again what the worst that can happen is?  Oh, right… we try, it doesn’t suit us, we try something else.  We allow life to guide us, inspire us, awaken us, and enthrall us with its many unanswered questions.  Where is the mystery in your life that your curiosity could be jolted to investigate?  Before you close this article, I encourage you to plan one sincere action step that you will do this week that shines a proper spotlight on something you are motivated to learn or experience more fully.  One action…. don’t allow your fear to overshadow your spotlight.

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