You are likely a very busy person.  It seems most everyone identifies with being a ‘very busy’ person.  For some, being a ‘very busy’ person is a part of their identity; it makes them feel valuable or important.  For others, being a ‘very busy’ person might make someone else chuckle in comparison. For others, being ‘very busy’ is what keeps them from moving on to the more challenging actions needed to take themselves to that next phase of their life. But, of course, there is also that person hustling to live their life to the fullest. Whether you are a ‘very busy’ person to prove your identity, or engross your ego, or avoid your growth, or accelerate it, the real question is: How is all that busy, busy, business serving you?

I, personally, prefer to be steady rather than busy.  If I’m being honest, I see business as a bit risky.  I see business, that arises unexpectedly, as a way to dance myself into potential overwhelm.  But, inevitably, no matter how much planning a person does, it is likely that there will be times where events simply mash up against one another and thus we find ourselves busy.  As I see it, no one is intended to remain busy as their regular day-in and day-out lifestyle.  To me, that’s more of a reflection of poor planning, or an inability to maintain healthy boundaries.  I say that because i have lived that insane level of business before and all it did was cause me to miss my life, despite what I told myself I was accomplishing.

When we live in a state of business, I think we also run the risk of damaging our relationships with others.  Be it the neighbor we can no longer even offer a ‘How are you?’  Our friends, who we time and again have to say no to.  And, of course, our loved ones, who are counting on us to be level-headed, even-tempered, compassionate, available, and connected to them.  In fact, I believe it’s also our need for these things that causes our business to take the shape of overwhelm; that and our likely exhaustion from running ourselves from mindset to mindset with likely poor sleep and a sliding-scale diet.  

I’m a huge planner, but even still, situations arise that can throw the best-laid plans out the window.  Amidst busy times, I believe it is so crucial to incorporate mindfulness. Perhaps mindfulness is even more important during those times, despite how impossible it feels to squeeze in anything else.  Through mindfulness, we will likely see how we have added an inner stipulation onto a project that makes it feel more urgent than it is, or we may come to see where we need to make changes in our life to avoid continuous business.  Ultimately, taking time to recognize that we are not our accomplishments, but rather our connections.  

Business often leads to stress, or distress, if we’re being honest.  Very few of us manage our business with a peaceful mind. I believe the key, beyond rest, diet, and balancing our calendars so as not to schedule more than is realistically possible; is to learn how to drop into that space within where we reconnect with our breath, and the life happening around us.  Re-grounding, and redirecting our focus onto the peace we know; the peace within that has us resonate with nature, and a flapping butterfly as it crosses our path.  The peace within that reminds us that love is our purpose.  Expectations are not a part of love.  Accomplishments are not a part of love.  Insistence is not a part of love.  Judgment is not a part of love.  Pressure is not a part of love.  Stirring the pot is not a part of love.  Deprivation is not a part of love.  What else?  What else is not a part of love, as you see it?  Are you putting the pressures of these factors on yourself or others?  

Boundaries are not shameful but rather essential.  Saying ‘no;’ ‘I can’t;’ ‘I don’t want to;’ ‘ I need help;’ ‘that’s too much;’ this is not weakness or a sign of failure.  On the contrary, setting boundaries ensures your business is actually a business that serves you when it intermittently consumes your schedule.  If we are racing to please others, or prove something, or create our identity through accomplishment, or accolades, or deprivation, we are allowing our beliefs to rule our calendar, and not our deeper soul.  

So, if you are a ‘very busy’ person, ask yourself why that is; and is that making you happy.  If your business is ongoing; ask yourself what you are accomplishing, and what that accomplishment is also costing you.  

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