Coaching Programs

Palpate Your Desires

Introductory Session

Complimentary 30-minute introductory session to clarify your desires, and discover if my coaching style and programs would be a good fit for you. (Value $45)

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Plant the Seedlings

28 Day Jump Start | 4 Weekly Sessions

Transformational Coaching Program

Sometimes the hardest part is knowing where to begin.  In this 28 Day Jump Start, we will clarify your starting point and begin to clearly define your desires and goals, to give you alignment toward achieving them.

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Clear the Path

90 Day Intensive |
6 Bi-Weekly or 12 Weekly Sessions

Transformational Coaching Program

During this 90 Day Intensive, we will begin to, not only clarify your desires and goals but hone in on the developmental tools needed to achieve them.  We will spend time seeking to understand the patterns in your life that are serving you and dismantle those that are no longer necessary.  This program allows for more refinement along your path.

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Rooted In Transformation

6 Month | 12 Bi-Weekly or 24 Weekly Sessions

Transformational Coaching Program

Over this six month odyssey, you will gain a deeper understanding of your desires and goals.  During our sessions, we will work to repair and refine the developmental tools you are using to serve you; while introducing targeted, new skills, to enhance your alignment.  The ample time frame allows for these new, and refined tools, to be implemented and test driven, to create a foundation of confidence.  Having the opportunity to investigate your patterns, belief structures, as well as, identity-shaping factors, will ensure you are carving out the life of your dreams, and the skill set to maintain it.

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Ubra Deluxe!

Transformational Coaching with Massage Therapy

Not only will you get transformational coaching sessions, to specifically focus on your individual desires, but you’ll also receive personalized massage sessions.  This combination is sure to allow you the quiet time needed to integrate your newly gathered, desire-wielding, tools; while integrating body awareness.  Whether you choose the 90 Day Intensive or the Six Month Odyssey transformational coaching program, the addition of massage therapy is intended to enhance your mind-body awareness.

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Solo Beauty

A refresher transformational coaching session to ensure your alignment continues towards your desires and goals.

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