Patterns, patterns, patterns – I am currently trying to break a few patterns that have been a part of my life for years and years.  Mind you, I’ve tried to break them in the past, but this time feels different.  This time I have quieted all the clutter within myself and allowed the solutions to be simple.  How did this quieting occur?  Well, to be completely honest, I got rather sick of hearing my own story.

The story about how stress impacts me, and how I choose to fill my time, and how I’ve been working at it forever, and how I want it to be different, and blah, blah, blah.  I’m tired of living that story; that’s just not me anymore.  I’m finally going to make the choices that force me to move outside of my comfort zone so that I can more fully align to the life I desire.  What I know from coaching is that a majority of us know exactly what we need to be doing in order to have the changes we desire, but we simply don’t do them because of our deeper self-beliefs that keep us stuck.

The thing with coaching is- you can’t coach others to their goals, and not systematically be coaching yourself to your own, simply from the solutions you uncover with your clients during their sessions.  Coaching is powerful, and as you and your client work through engrained beliefs, and together you are rewiring their thought patterns; inevitably you are also rewiring your own.  It’s a definite job perk.

This is not about will-power, not really; it’s more about choices.  Yes, there is likely to be times where you have to consciously remove yourself from a patterned stimuli, but actually doing it is a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ choice.  Will I sit here and ‘veg’ out for thirty minutes, likely consuming way too many snacks, or will I consciously face those cravings with the simple solution of doing anything else.  Yes, literally anything else.  Will I go outside for a walk when those stirred emotions sneak into my nervous system? Will I call a friend?  Will I begin to write?  Will I bath my dog?  Anything but what my brain has decided is my only solution to soothing those emotions.  Why does doing anything else actually work?  Because I am enhancing my menu options of choices to prove to my brain that the one solution it defaults to is not the only one I can survive.

You see, your brain is all about survival. Stress comes – you ‘veg’ – you eat – you are calmed – you survive.  That’s the pattern your brain knows works for your survival, and that is what the impulse aspect of your brain is focused on.  So, if stress comes, but you go for a walk, and you live – yea!  You have a new menu option that your brain might consider choosing next time stress shows up.

So, how do you identify your patterns?  Well, I would first ask you – what would you like to be different in your life?  Perhaps you, too, are feeling like you could do more to love your body?  Alright, so what is it that you are currently doing that is impacting your body?  Are you eating nutritiously?  Are you eating balanced portions?  Do you feel happy and refueled after you’ve eaten?  Are you balancing your budget to allow for better groceries?  Are you getting enough rest? Water? Exercise? Quiet time?  Are you comparing yourself to others? Evaluate each area where you are knowingly not serving your body in the best way possible.  When the excuses come, just lovingly silence them; they are not serving you; they are serving your survival pattern and your story.

It can be very hard to witness all that we do to minimize our dreams.  As someone who works every moment trying to stay conscious, and stay loving to myself and others, it can be saddening to see where I still step on my own toes.  Instead of beating myself up about it though, I chalk it up to being human.  However, I never allow myself to just wallow in that fact, or hide away from those hurtful truths – I always ask myself to keep uncovering.  To me, if you stop uncovering, you stop truly living as you were meant to be – free.

I challenge you to stand in front of these questions and—– allow yourself to experience just how much more connected you already sense yourself to be with your spirit—– for even being willing to ask.

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