I just returned from an adventure to Colorado with my love.  We were researching small towns that we are considering moving to, and taking in some incredible hikes to keep us motivated for all that would be required to make that happen.  My how life can change!  When I look back over the past five years, it’s hard to believe I am actually the same person.  

When you look back at the person you were five years ago, what shifts can you see?  Not just externally, with jobs, living, family, but also internally?  Sometimes the external changes insisted on internal changes, and sometimes the internal changes created external changes.  Can you tell the difference in your life?  Where you were choosing your path, or where you were reacting to its changes?  I think this is one of those crucial awarenesses to have for an awakened life.  Knowing that you are choosing your life, and knowing when you are shifting to adapt and succeed to a place of fulfillment within it.

I believe one of the hardest concepts is keeping choice while also relinquishing control.  It almost seems like an oxymoron.  As I see it, when we are consciously making choices that are in pursuit of our goals and desires, but yet we are willing to allow for the outcome, that is what I see as an aspect of conscious living.  As I prepare for this move, I will need to sell my condo in Chicago.  I will need to take all the necessary steps that come with preparing a home for sale, as well as, work with a realtor to prepare for showings and such.  And then I have to release control to all the potential buyers.  I, obviously can not insist a potential buyer buy, so I then logically, can not get wrapped in the emotions of another person’s decision whether they do or don’t.  I simply stay on my path, doing my work, and allow for the outcome.

If my condo sells quickly, I then make arrangements to accommodate that.  If it isn’t selling, I then need to consider alternative options, such as renting it out.  I choose solutions that pursue my goals and desires.  For some, this would be their stopping point.  I couldn’t sell an thus I can’t move – that is the external creating the internal.  However, in my heart, I am moving, so then it becomes about what solutions further that goal, that is the internal creating the external. Can you see a place in your life where you have experienced both?  

But what about the emotions that come with these two scenarios?  I’m going to say that the emotions we experience all boil down to what we believe about life.  That may seem simple, but consider this:  My condo has trouble selling and I begin to feel upset, frustrated, punished, angry, worrisome.  This all falls under the belief that I was not meant for a better life.  That life does not favor me.  That this move was not meant to be.  This is all mindset.  However, what is also possible:  My condo is having trouble selling; why is that?  Is there more I need to do to enhance its marketability or potential sale?  Alright, I’ll do those things.  Still not selling- what are my alternatives?  At no point am I experiencing the emotions that life is punishing me, or that I am not worthy, or that I am not allowed to have my desires.  I am not making something external mean anything about me, my life, or how life itself is.  

Taking ownership of our life also means taking ownership of our beliefs.  When our beliefs are not aligned to our desired state of self, we will likely never reach our goals.  When we are creating roadblocks by victimizing ourselves with punishing beliefs, this then becomes where we place all our energy and focus.  We are no longer in a solution mode, or pulling from our internal resourced state to draw us forward.  Can you recognize an area in your life where you have fallen victim to your beliefs?  Where your external seemingly is in control of your life?  

The beautiful thing about this awareness is that in simply acknowledging these areas means we are instantly faced with the choice of continuing on that same path, or choosing to trust in ourselves, others, and life, to live the life we desire.  It takes work to rewire our mindset, but we can only shift that which we are aware of.  Where is your awareness at this moment?

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