I would like you to take the finger pads on your right hand and gently place them on the center of your chest bone (sternum).  Allow your finger pads to sink in slightly by keeping a gentle touch.  Once they’ve sunk, I would like you to shift your fingers so you create pressure towards your toes – don’t glide, just move to what your tissue allows.  Tender?  I’d be surprised if you weren’t.  There is a lining, if you will, that runs throughout the body called your fascia, and often, off of the sternum, we feel the effects of its tension due to our posture.

My guess is that you had no idea that your chest bone was in that kind of discomfort.  But, let’s be honest, when is the last time you focused on it directly?  You see, what you focus on is what is creating you life, and while you may think you are looking at life from every direction, it’s highly likely that there is room for expansion.

If you believe a great opportunity is really rare, then that is what you are focused on finding.  You are seeking examples to prove your belief right.  So, as ample opportunities pass your doorstep, you will either completely miss them, or your judgment of them will diminish their potential.  I realize it seems insane that we would sabotage our lives like this, but this is how our brain, and our ego, gain control in our lives.  Now, if you believed that you were destined for amazing things, and that you had complete faith in God, or the Universe, to lead you to the tools and lessons you needed, then those opportunities, no matter how big or small, would seem like confirmation that you are on your path.  It’s all about where we focus our attention that will determine the quality of our lives.

I just celebrated by eighth adopt-a-versary with my dog, Benson.  Now, I love this dog with all my heart, but I have to be honest and say, there are moments on our walks where he has me wanting to pull my hair out.  No matter the hours of training, he still pulls the wild man card.  I used to use words like – you’re making me so angry, you’re driving me crazy, I hate when you do this… but, then I realized that the words I’m using in those moments are shaping my physiological responses.  It’s focus.  Where I was focusing, by the words I was using, I was escalating the situation within myself.  So, now, when he acts out, I tell him that I am feeling determined to be consistent with continued training, or I’m feeling sad that he dislikes that sweet neighbor dog, or I’m a bit tired and his actions are frustrating.  I’m diffusing the situation within myself, so that I can act from the place of love that I truly feel for him more than anything else.  I’m human, I have my days, but the more I implement these tools, the closer I keep his and my relationship to the one I desire to have with him; the one that fulfills us both the best.

My neighbors (Neighbor A) are getting their home repaired and repainted.  In doing so, it seems they had to trim several branches on a tree that was shading another neighbor’s (Neighbor B) yard.  Neighbor B, who stated he lost his shade and his privacy from the tree trimming, was angry at Neighbor A, who had apparently told him that they would only trim what was needed.  Neighbor B began calling Neighbor A a liar.  Saying, “He acts all green with his electric lawn mower, but yet he’s cutting down healthy trees.” What Neighbor B didn’t know is that Neighbor A was instructed by his repair company to trim the branches of the tree that were hitting his roof and causing damage.  In order to keep the tree balanced, they trimmed all the branches up to the roof line.  Neighbor B then began saying that the second tree that was fully removed in Neighbor A’s yard was a healthy tree, and that it didn’t need removal.  But, Neighbor B is not a tree expert.  Neighbor B is simply focusing on the fact that he is now unhappy with how his yard is shaded and he is focusing his attention on making Neighbor A out to be an unkind person.

Where are you focusing your mind?  And, are you sure that what you are focusing on is the whole of a situation?  If you allow yourself to shift your focus on the possibilities rather than the loss or frustration, what might you see instead?  I suggest focusing on what brings you happiness, joy, and possibility.  Why not?

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