I just returned from Atlanta where I attended my Transformational Coaching Method (TCM) Mastery retreat.  What an incredible feeling to be surrounded by my tribe!  The TCM tribe is an elite tribe within my more generalized coaching tribe.  The truth is, I have many tribes.  Most of us have several different tribes that we belong to in our lives.  There is our family—-that’s a tribe.  The tribes we choose, though, are often a reflection of our personality, our struggles, and our growth.  A book club, an AA group, a bible study group, fellow crafters, a mastermind business group, a softball team, choir, dog agility participants, parent meet-ups, runners’ club— most likely, you also have several tribes that you belong to.  There is a comfort being with like-minded individuals, all striving towards a similar goal.  There is a wonderful sense of belonging and acceptance. For me, the most vital component of my tribes is how they stretch me; asking me to reflect upon myself and support me to grow

We are comparative creatures by nature, always trying to see where we fit in and how we measure up.  But what if we considered that our mere presence is part of what’s forming the very edges of our tribes?  Each member is a part of the permeable membrane, where information filters through, allowing the tribe to be continually reshaped.  There is no comparing or competing because each of us help to create the very tribe itself.  Think about a tribe that you belong to.  Depending on who’s in attendance, the energy changes, and different learnings take place. Who we are and who we are open to being; that is what makes each tribe we belong to so incredibly unique.  At the TCM Mastery retreat, I couldn’t help but think that every question that was asked was somehow relevant to my growth.  Each participant is vital to the others’ unique experiences, yet each journey is perfectly and individually orchestrated.  In Dr. Wayne Dyer’s movie, “The Shift,” he states: “Thoroughly unprepared, we take the step into the afternoon of life.  More still, we take this step with the false presupposition that our truths, and our ideals, will serve us as hitherto.  But, we cannot live the afternoon of life according to the program of life’s morning.  For what was great in the morning will be little at evening.  And, what in the morning was true, at evening, will have become a lie.”  We are always evolving by what is revealed to us.

What I also find curious is how, when I grow in one tribe, that growth lends itself to my experience within all my other tribes.  It’s as though my ears have been tuned to a new frequency and the words that were once familiar are now being received in a new way.  Inevitably, sharing an insightful tidbit, or asking a question from this new place, is creating a ripple effect throughout all of our tribes and each tribe members’ multiple tribes.

Perhaps you are part of a cooking club.  Weekly, each participant brings a new dish to share.  One week you partake in a unique dish that dances a new rhythm over your taste buds.  Turns out the creator learned about a spice while traveling abroad and added a tablespoon to their dish.  Later that evening this new spice makes its way into your Amazon cart and, within a week, it’s a part of your lazy-susan of options.  You’re changed, your cooking has changed and, if you look back at last week’s article, and Ellen Langer’s definition of mindfulness (the simple act of noticing things) you will see how this small change is stretching and enhancing you. We’re like a GPS that is recalculating; embarking on a new route and sharing this alternate route with others.  While our destinations may all be different, there are some streets that, once seen, set off a new coordinate in our spirit of how our life adventure could be and now we’re looking on life differently with a fresh, new perspective. Chances are, if it resonated with you, then the other members of your tribes will be curious to take it in too and who knows what new direction they will spiral off into.

I’d love for you to join one new tribe by the end of the month.  I’ll ask the same of myself.  Pick an interest and allow yourself to submerge into that world.  Inevitably, what you sponge up will water the soil of all your other tribes.  I believe we are all here to stretch and support each other and awaken to more of our soul. 

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