This past weekend my boyfriend and I decided to attend the Sunday Feast at the International Society for Krishna Consciousness temple, just a few blocks from our home.  I’ve been by the temple more times than I can count, walking to the beach and I had, of course, seen the monks in orange robes doing walking meditation throughout my neighborhood.  I vowed to one day go inside, and I am so happy I did!

My boyfriend and I are always eager to experience different religious perspectives as we feel that, inevitably, there will be something magical that grabs your spirit and invigorates you toward life.  We enjoy comparing religions, but not just by what we read, but by the energy and experiences we share within them.  It’s often a quick submersion, and usually it is enough to inform us if we would like another.

As we took witness of the joyous music and dancing, with children running about, devotees spread across the floor expressing their gratitude and praise, we had a delicate flower placed on our nose for scent, we were splashed with oiled water, we ran our hands over a flame and then ran our hands over our heads… it was all very beautiful and celebratory.  Following the music, there was a profound lecture offered on the concept of impossibility.

What stuck with me from this lecture on impossibility was the idea that it is not enough to merely pray for something; we must also be doing the work to achieve it.  It’s a concept that I know I have written on, but this lecture went beyond my words, to express that to make the impossible now possible, our efforts alone will never prove sufficient; we must also have the support of our chosen God.  What a powerful statement!

During our time, we engaged with, and were graciously taken under the wing of a monk who was transitioning to a devotee, as he recognized that he indeed wanted a wife and family.  He lives at the temple, and has for over two years.  He studies, prepares over 300 servings of a potato dish, daily, that is served as free lunches or through outreach; he meditates, does yoga, cleans, and makes time to travel to see his parents and friends.  He is a millennial, has a Facebook page, is a college graduate, and shared in vulnerable and honest conversation with us as we sat on the floor with him to enjoy our feast.  We were so thankful to have him guiding us during the final festivities so we could more fully appreciate the unique ceremonies we were participating in.

The following morning, my boyfriend and I both awoke talking about how calmed and connected we felt.  We engaged in a past online lecture offered at the temple, and continued to discuss our experience.  As the day progressed, I had a thought come to me that seemed as impossible as the lecture we had heard.  I thought, what if I could volunteer to work in this temple, as a Transformational Life Coach?  What if I could offer groups or one-on-one sessions to those going through these intense life transformations?  Yes, religion can be a staple in creating the foundations for our transformations, but truly, every souls’ spirituality is based on their beliefs.  I see my coaching as a broad spectrum, what is standing out in your life that holds your focus, kind of idea.  It’s not religiously based, but it can encompass spirituality and the role it plays in one’s life.

The idea of possibly serving several religious centers around my area began to pump my blood and spike my curiosity and creativity.  To be able to work with individuals from within multiple religions, learning from them as they are learning from me.  It sounded like a dream come true!  So, today I began to reach out to these temples and centers to see if this wild idea might be touched by the hand of God to make this type of service possible.

What about you?  Do you have a dream life that seems so impossible that you merely smile and scoff at it as you fantasize about what it might be like? I often wonder what the world would be like if everyone tried to achieve their wild soul-inspired ideas!  Perhaps your impossible is merely awaiting your efforts, before it is blessed into fruition to be of service to others.

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