Last month I resigned from a job I absolutely loved, that I had been at for over a decade.  I left because I felt called to focus on other opportunities.  On my last day I felt no twinges of panic or fear, but rather a heart full of gratitude for all the wonderful experiences I had shared there. Work is such a large portion of life; insist on enjoying it!

As a Health Coach, I guide clients to bridge the gap between their present state of life, and their desired state of life.  The gap that lies between these states is often created by our beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world.  It can be easy to hide behind lack of opportunity, but the truth is, we create our own opportunities by what we believe is possible.  Yes, I’m saying that if your dream is to be on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, and you have no deep seeded beliefs that hinder you from having that experience, that it will indeed manifest.  Imagine how full life itself would be if we all pursued our dreams with that level of conscious awareness! We could create so many incredible shifts on our planet!

So, what is your dream job?  If it came into fruition tomorrow would you be ready for it?  Before you answer “yes!,” I want you to ask yourself if you are regularly making time to learn, practice, and polish the skills needed to succeed at your dreams?  Are there classes you need to take, books you need to read, or mentors you need to gather?  Approaching your dreams from this realistic place; showing that you are willing to make the commitment, and that you are insistent on cultivating the tools needed; that is how you get in alignment with your purpose.  It’s not enough to say you want it, you need to manifest it.

If you moved to the desert to pursue your passion of cataloging cactus and exploring new species, would your family approve?  If you had infinite wealth and could travel the world, would you have a hard time relating to your friends who are struggling to pay the rent?  If you resigned tomorrow with only your wits to fall back on, would you have a place to eat?  Do you hold the belief that in order to have wealth you have to work really long hours that wouldn’t allow for quality family time?  Do you fear that if you became increasingly successful it would create problems in your relationship?

For example, if you hold the buried belief that if you are successful you may no longer have as much in common with your partner; or that success would mean sacrificing family time, then you will never pursue your dreams full out.  You see, if you did, that would mean your love, safety, and belonging would be in jeopardy.

Our brain stem is constantly monitoring life in terms of risk and safety.  The brain stem is always in favor or safety, even if that means having the same miserable experiences again and again; clearly you survived them the first time.  When the brain stem feels your love, safety, or belonging is in danger, it puts out the red alert!  So, until we are able to make change at the level of beliefs, we’ll never fully reach our desired state.

Here’s the great news!  I specialize in guiding others to reshape their behaviors, beliefs, and identity.  I do offer one-on-one assistance through my coaching programs, but through these weekly articles, I will also be posing questions that may help you to create an awareness around the limiting beliefs that you hold.  Recognizing the gap between your present and your desired state is essential to reaching your dreams.

The question I like to start with is:  “What do you desire?”  Don’t rush past this.  Give yourself permission to sit with this question.  Allow yourself to flush out, in your mind’s eye, what it is you truly desire for your life, relationships, family life, career, spirituality, finances, health, and your body.  Get clear on what you truly desire, without any limitations.

Take yourself beyond, “If/then” answers.  “If this were to happen, then I’d do ‘x’.”  “If/then” responses often push the responsibility onto someone or something else, and they can prove disempowering.  Close your eyes, breathe in full breaths, quiet your mind, settle into your inner knowing, and ask yourself, “What do I desire?”

The sooner we recognize our limiting beliefs and the identity we’ve created for ourselves through them, the more genuinely we can transform them to create the life we ultimately desire.

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