You are special.  Your life is meant for something great. Perhaps the customer service you offer is meant to inspire kindness in others.  Perhaps your efforts to rescue animals saves countless furry lives.  Perhaps your lectures will serve to inspire generations to follow.  Perhaps your auto repairs keep family after family safe on their travels.  No matter what your purpose, we all need internal motivation to achieve it.

So, what motivates you?  Many of us sit on phenomenal ideas and dreams, but executing them can leave us leveled with seemingly legitimate excuses.  Ah, yes, I did say, “seemingly legitimate,” because, let’s be honest, if you were one hundred percent committed, nothing would stop you.  That is not a judgment, but rather a reality that plagues a majority of us.  It is, simply put, fear.

One of my favorite concepts by Tony Robbins is– it is not your resources that keep you from your dreams, it is your resourcefulness. We will convince ourselves that we don’t have the money to get the training, or we couldn’t find a pen, or our life history is too colorful.  However, think back to when you were a child, and there was a toy you wanted that your allowance didn’t cover.  You would then mow a neighbor’s lawn, or return soda cans, or assist an elderly neighbor– you would be resourceful and make it happen to have what you wanted.  You were fearless and insistent.  So, what is different now?

As adults we have set within us the belief that we can’t, or we don’t deserve it, or we’re not capable, or a whole host of carved concepts–  these are the basis for those “seemingly legitimate” excuses that shunt our resourcefulness before we even get started. Thus we continue to have hope, without any true action, and thus hope is simply life on pause.

Understandably, you may not genuinely be able to reach your exact goal at this very moment.  I think what’s important to see though, is that you can always be taking steps toward it.  Using your resourcefulness to gather the tools needed for when you are able to take bigger steps forward.  Using your resourcefulness to put together goals with specific dates, and aspirations.  Networking, saving funds, consuming information — and then actively using it to the full extent that you currently can.

The truth is – you are only one decision away from your dream life.  And that decision is that you are going to have it.  No matter how many lawns you have to mow – you will have your dream life.  It’s a decision that then shapes your very actions from this moment forward.  You may need to make sacrifices to have the money, or the time, to take steps forward, you will need to agree to play full out, and definitely outside of your comfort zone.  You will not be stopped.  You will no longer seek seemingly legitimate excuses, because they are just distractions from true action.  One decision – that’s it.

It’s agreeing to a new identity.  If those excuses were keeping you safe, then you just pulled back the curtain to a new you.  You will now be seen, heard, and no longer hidden.  This is what I think is the real stopper for most of us.  It’s the fear of facing our fears!  It’s the, “I’m not enough,” “ I’m going to fail,” “What if…” I’d like to propose something that may seem reckless, but in all honesty, it is absolutely required to have your dream.  Surrender.  You are going to fail.  How else will you grow.  You will not be fully accepted by everyone, because there are millions of people, and we are all unique.  You will not please all of the people all of the time, and thank goodness, because then you wouldn’t really stand for anything.  You will face new internal resistance that you didn’t even know were there; thus self-growth on the most primal level. But, you will survive.  And, likely you will thrive!  No one grows without challenges.  Everyone dreams, but few have the courage to label themselves unstoppable – and actually mean it, with actions over words.

So, for one day, I want you to be the dreamer.  Leave your seemingly legitimate excuses on the kitchen counter, and rest assured they’ll be there for you if you should decide you’ve missed them.  I have just one question for you — For today, what would your life look like if you were your bravest self?  You can.  I know you can. Because we all have it in us; it’s just a matter of whether we allow ourselves to believe it.

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