I was walking my dogs, Benson and Permilia, and a pack dog, Bailey.  Benson had been pulling me harder than I liked to check out a snow drift, and Bailey was being dead weight, smelling at a fence post.  I felt a bit agitated, really.  Permilia had gotten chilly on our stroll, and I had scooped her up into my arms.  Just as I felt my frustration growing from the tension of the leashes, I glanced down at Permilia’s face.  Her eyes were heavy as she was riding like a baby in my arms, she clearly felt safe and at peace.  In that moment I was overcome with the warmest sensation of love.  It changed my entire spirit.  I cheerfully called Benson over and rewarded him with a treat for coming when called.  I reached down and scratched on Bailey’s back to move her along with a loving gesture.  I found myself laughing at the delight of being surrounded by these three amazing spirits; absorbing the magical winter’s day.  I felt so joyous, and I thought: I want every dog walk to be a love fest.

It seemed to me that focusing on the love that I feel when I am with my dogs, and my pack, when I’m outside; and, when I’m being present, the love I feel for life itself, is how to truly stave off the emotions of negativity that can fester in challenging situations.  As I lingered with this idea, it seemed to bring an all-consuming love through me, and I was able to carry that feeling forward into all my interactions.

I’m a firm believer in love.  If I’m being honest, all of my religious and spiritual studies have shown me that, while there are many different ways to experience the oneness that exists between us, that every major religion uses love as its pointer to the infinite.  While there are two billion followers of Christianity, there are 1.3 billion followers of Islam, 20 million followers of Taoism, 14 million followers of Judaism, and 12.2 million followers of Mormonism, according to religionfacts.com.  To me, I see that as a true love fest that has already been happening for centuries!

However, I often feel disempowered by the intense racism, sexism, and nationalism, as I scroll through my Facebook news feed, or listen to the news pundents, that has been so brightly revealed in this country.  I’ve honestly been taken aback by the intense nature of xenophobia being proudly demonstrated as of late.  In my mind, I foolishly believed that this kind of tainted attitude was only really revealed in the back rooms of KKK gatherings, but not publicly, and proudly, by so many Americans.  From this fear it seems all of the innate love that exists between us as humans is being shadowed and marred.

So, how do we get ourselves in alignment with love?  Quite simply- it’s a choice.  That deep love exists in all of us, but it’s a matter of us developing and strengthening it, for it to be a leader in our lives.  It also demands us to educate ourselves against the spread of hatred.  Learn the facts, take responsibility for our fears, and not just rely on news spins, and violent memes.  And, if I may, I also see that taking no stand, is the same as promoting fear.  If we do not come together, we are essentially turning our backs on all the love that, whichever God you worship, blessed each of us with.  We are thus accepting a diminished life.

A simple way to start to pepper more love into your life is to ask yourself, before you say, or share something, is: Does this promote love?  Not, does this promote my political agenda? Or, does this argue my religious beliefs? Or does this stand with my current beliefs about other cultures; but, does this promote love?  Love for everyone; all of us on this planet: people, animals, and nature. We all share one earth.

So, as we move forward in our loving lives, allow me to offer this from John O’Donohue’s book, “Beauty.”: “A prophetic thought claims its own future; it awakens, disturbs and brings transformation.  Such a thought is a gift of the imagination.  It is not an abstract ghostly cipher.  In such a thought, spirit and sensuousness cross at the frontier of their richest tension and exposure.  A great thought is a sense-spirit object.  It takes on a life of its own.  We are familiar in our history with certain frontiers where such thoughts awakened.  At a personal level, each of us is aware of certain threshold times in the lives of our hearts when such thoughts arrived and changed everything.”

Enjoy the love fest of your soul!

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