Massage Therapy

img_4010The laying on of hands has been a form of healing since the beginning of mankind, and I am proud to continue on these ancient skills. The ability massage therapy has to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit is something I have witnessed firsthand for over a decade.

Touch has the ability to facilitate a change in the body’s structure and reduce pain, anxiety, stress, as well as, rebalance the muscle tissue to serve as a preventative to injury. Touch can enhance the function of the body systems, and thus allow them to better find, and maintain homeostasis. More so, simply having uninterrupted quiet time to breathe, while receiving the undivided attention of another is also incredibly healing. The benefits of massage therapy are truly endless.

Whether it is specific attention to a painful area or an overall Swedish Relaxation massage, it seems that anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and pathology are the common links to making all types of massage truly successful. A deep understanding of the body is the key to distinguishing what is healthy and what requires attention. I believe that this blending of knowledge empowers the therapist to offer the client’s body the best opportunity for healing.

I am trained in Canine, Clinical, Deep Tissue, Exercise & Self-Care, Myofascial, Neuromuscular (Trigger Point), Pregnancy, Reiki, Sports, and Swedish Relaxation styles of massage.  Not sure which type of massage is best for you?  It is often a combination of many styles that ultimately helps assist with the greatest amount of change.