When you stumble upon inspiration, which really has been in the making for years in your life, and you can barely sleep because you simply can’t stop learning more about it!  You find yourself under the covers with your phone, after midnight, still investigating all of the detail that propels you into the life of your dreams—that’s me right now!

To be honest, it’s been a while since this intense of an inspiration has grabbed my soul.  Yes, each day I tend to find something that pushes me, or grips me for a bit, and has me learning and eking forward toward my dream life; but smack dab, can’t stop inspiration… wow! I forgot how powerful that is!  Can you remember the last time it happened to you?

So what’s all the big news?  I’ve realized that I absolutely love Transformational Life Coaching.  Having a client recently tell me that this is the first time she has ever returned home from her family holiday visit and not felt drained, but rather proud and invigorated, because of the tools that she learned through my program… I mean, who doesn’t want to help more people to have that!  As an entrepreneur, I’ve lifted several careers off the ground, but what I’ve learned is that it takes time.  You’re doing what you are most passionate about for roughly a quarter of the time, and spending the rest trying to build the business so you can do more.  It’s a no-joke-serious commitment that typically has you hustling day and night.  Whether it’s building your clientele, refining your skill set, learning the business laws that impact you, gathering the skill needed to manage a business, or doing the actual work you’re promoting; your mind is always on the go.  So, to have a client share with you their successes makes all of it worth while.

Coaching is an up and coming career, and thus it can take even longer to build, as you are still inventing the wheel.  So, my hope is, by going back to school for my Masters Degree in Counseling, that I’ll be able to utilize the known institution of therapy to ultimately do what it is I genuinely love to do – help people shift their mindset towards ultimate fulfillment.  Plus, being a therapist who has traditional training, as well as ninja coaching skills, I feel that my reach in serving others will only grow.

This is not an overnight awareness, really.  When I think about how I have utilized therapy in my life, both individual and group sessions.  How I have studied healing for the body, with massage.  How I was led to coaching, and the understanding of what a transformation is, and personally witnessed how it profoundly impacted my own life.  How I am continuously reading books on mindset.  It seems the Universe has been shaping me in this direction for decades, really.

How is your life shaping you?  Where are your experiences guiding you?  How are they growing you in your life?  What magic might they hold about your life’s purpose?  It can be hard to look on our greatest challenges as our acquired attributes, but what if we could shape our mindset to allow for that?  That pain you suffered serving as a light to guide others; that accomplishment that you dug deeper within yourself than you knew possible that now allows you to motivate others; that experience that left you continually monitoring others’ actions may now be how you know how to relate and sell to them.  What dark recesses within you are your lighthouses of freedom?  Are you willing to go there to find out?

There are so many books on discovering your life’s purpose.  Trust me, I’ve read many of them.  All of them have you tapping into your deeper self.  As I see it, your deeper self has been impacted by the belief structure that was shaped around the experiences you have or haven’t had.  These events in your life that have informed you of what you believe to be true about the world, others, and especially, yourself.  Once we are freed from the trappings of that, we can begin to see where those guideposts were pointing us, always; onto our life’s path.  Those experiences happened to course correct you onto your path; yes, even the awful ones.

You are serving your time as you.  You are not meant to be anyone else.  Your life is yours in order to guide you to thrive at it.  How’s that for a mindset shift!  So, where are the greatest twists in your path, and who came forward within you because of them.


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