I’m super excited to say that, as of this Friday, I will have been writing for the paper for an entire year.  What an incredible privilege it has been to share my thoughts and hard earned tools with all of you!

My hope in doing this was that someone would be inspired, and from that inspiration nudge forward towards a desire they have been seeking.  I, personally, often feel that nudging myself as the words come through me.  Usually I have an idea, and then when I sit to write, the words simply appear.  Between the time that I’ve written a piece, to the time I read it in the paper, I’m often surprised at what lies within them, and that it was me who wrote it!

Often, when I am approached in person by a reader, they want to share with me about how they are not able to ‘get it all integrated,’ but rather how they want to be.  Can I just say—Yes!  That’s all this is!  It’s about feeling your desires pulling you forward, and encouraging you to look deeper within to begin to align with them.  Please don’t think for a minute that I get all of these concepts perfect each and every day.  Oh, heavens no.

For me, as I integrate these concepts and perspectives into my life, I realize that the old, innate choices and reactions that linger within me are still there.  However, what has begun to happen is that I simply have more distance from them to decide if I want to choose them, and, if I do fall to impulse, I tend to recover much more quickly instead of remaining stirred.  To me, that is my enlightenment; the distance to consciously decide my actions and reactions within the world.  I feel like I hit the target so much more often when I take the time to aim, rather than when I previously just willy-nilly shot from the hip.  And, by having that space of conscious choice, I can present myself to the world more aligned with who I see or desire myself to be on that deeper level.

I have a friend who emails me nearly every week after my article reaches him.  He engages me in conversation about where the idea has come from, and how the articles have created a memory or reflection within him.  If I may, that is not me doing that, that is the higher being speaking through me; my spirit simply filters the words.  And, when I hear his thoughts, often it creates a deeper understanding within myself, as inevitably we are all reading these through our own unique life filters.

I am grateful for my friends who allow me to write about our adventures and conversations so that the gathered and learned tools can be more personal, and thus allow others to connect with more clarity.  I am always amazed by the beautiful beings that are a part of my life.  I am grateful for them, as they stretch me, engage me, and support me.  If I couldn’t have these more intricate encounters I’d surely buy a camper and move my dogs and myself to remote woods where the sounds of nature would fuel me.  Now, I may still do that, but I now know I’d have some visitors from time to time.

When you are flushing out ideas, it forces you to stand in what you believe, so that the article has a clear focus.  This has proven enormously valuable in, not just my writing skills, but in my life.  Having to decide, and being able to express those decisions.  When I look back on my life, I can see where there were several years of internal wavering; seeking without any real grounding.  What these articles have shown me is that I have grown a stronger understanding of my desires, and am able to root myself around them to more hopefully fully blossom.  I’m proud to realize my insecurities and fears have not kept me too afraid to sway in the wind, but rather embrace it as a dance that could lead me anywhere I choose.  As I look over my life, I assure you, this is immense growth for me.

One of the other true blessings is that my Aunt, Anne Southworth, has been my editor since my first submissions to the paper.  With the gentlest of hands she has helped refine my articles, as well as, give them a grammatical polishing up.  We’ve shared many wonderful discussions that have made us closer, and that means the world to me.

So, thank you all for this magical year, and I look forward to continuing on this transformational journey with you.

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