e2166f67-02c9-437b-89e9-7a29839c6a65I attended an Easter service at a local church here in Chicago.  It is a small congregation, in a beautiful old church, and it reminds me of home when I attend. I had become fond of the regular pastor of this church and looked forward to his holiday sermon.  However, because many denominations share this church, there was a new pastor for the special service. The new pastor focused his Easter sermon on Mary’s tears blinding Jesus from her vision, and her facing inside of the tomb while weeping over Jesus’ missing body.  I’ve heard many Easter sermons in my life, so I appreciated the new perspective that was shared.

As the pastor spoke, it dawned on me that his sermon was concluding the same life revelations that I had just written about for the March 30th publication in the Hometown Gazette.  He was using different references to point to the same concepts and ideas.  As I sat in the pew, just taking in the sheer serendipity of the moment, I smiled.  To me, serendipity is not just coincidence, but rather markers that we are on our purpose path.  Along with this, the idea of facing out of the tomb, and not into it, to not linger in pain but rather focus our attention forward, nearly echoes my article, word for word: “My girl was gone, and there was nothing that could change that; but the ultimate way that I could thank her for all she taught me, and the love we shared, was to pay it forward.”

As I have spent the last few weeks grieving my passed Chihuahua, Permilia; Benson, my current dog, and I, also carved out time to meet a new little Chihuahua that we decided to begin the process of adopting.  All my writings this week have been on how we can embrace loss, and still move forward, simultaneously, without anything being lost or minimized.  Hearing the pastor’s nuances on this echoed concept helped me to solidify in my heart that I was being supported from on high, and that I could hold these beliefs as blessings in my heart whenever I came across judgment, or felt twinges of guilt or hesitation.

In my life, it seems, miraculous moments of serendipity happen all of the time.  I’ve learned to embrace them; allowing them to help shape my actions, and influence the direction of my life.  I see them as life instructions, pointing me forward or redirecting me.  Because I try to live with an openness to life, I am always seeking these pointers and affirmations that serendipity brings.

Ever have a face pop into your head of someone you haven’t seen in years, only to cross paths with them at a random place a week later?  Or get a hankering to talk with someone and suddenly your phone rings and it’s them calling?

One day I was out dog walking, and I was contemplating whether to leave my then full-time teaching position to go to a dog training facility to start offering canine massage therapy.  It was a job where I would be starting from scratch; having to build up clientele, and my reputation.  It was quite a risky endeavor.  All of the sudden this woman walked up to me, or close to me, because the dogs were not certain of her.  She said to me, “I know this is going to sound crazy.  This has never happened to me before, but God told me to approach you and ask if you know the bible verse… (I can’t remember the exact numbers).” I told her that I didn’t, but that I promised to look them up when I got home.  She said, “I’m supposed to pray with you.”  However, my canine companions were not willing to let that happen.  She insisted I look up the verse before walking away.  I immediately called my friend, Karyn, who is much more biblically studied than I am.  I didn’t tell her what happened; I simply asked her if she knew the verse.  She said she did, and I asked her what it meant.  She said, “Basically, it’s about following God without hesitation and fear.”  I resigned from my teaching position the next day.  Miraculous serendipity at it’s finest!

It is miraculous if you think about it; our ability to look beyond the reasoning, fearful parts of our minds, into the promise of our higher purpose.  To be open to life, and allow ourselves to be guided so that our service, our lives, can hold the greater purpose we were each created for.  So, breathe in your miraculous serendipity that is waiting for you to cast your eyes upon it.  Just be open; it’s there. 

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