This may surprise you as much as it did my health coaching client this morning during our coaching call. My client came to me for weight loss, and, the exact words I shared with her were, “You need to eat more.”

To clarify, when I asked my client to please share with me what she had eaten the day before, she told me: 8am – Oatmeal with honey and cinnamon; at 5pm- a chicken sandwich on bread with lettuce and a tomato slice, along with a small side order of fries from a food chain; and finally, at 9:30pm, two small bags of skinny popcorn.  She also consumed loads of water all day long.

You may be wondering, with so little food intake, how could this person be overweight; are they just not getting any exercise?  Nope, she is getting in a good few miles of walking each day.  So, what is really happening here?  Well, this client’s body is in starvation mode.  How can a person be starving and overweight?  The truth is, a majority of Americans are.

First, look at the gap of time between her first meal and her second; it’s nine hours.  Nine hours is way too long to go without anything in your system if you are being active.  And then, after nine hours, she was consuming food that quickly breaks down in the body, or simple carbs, as we call them.  The bread on her sandwich is made of flour, which immediately spikes the blood sugar, and is quickly broken down by the body, leaving one feeling hungry again more quickly.  Not to mention, there is nothing nutritionally valuable about bread, or fries.  The chicken on her sandwich may have given her body a small amount of protein, but most likely it was prepared with a marinade including excessive salt.  Finally, over four hours later, she had two small bags of popcorn.  While popcorn is often touted as a healthy snack, it is because it is low in calories; however, it is also very low in nutritional value.  Basically, my client’s body is getting none of the nutrients it needs to survive, let alone thrive, and it is holding onto everything she eats because of the long gaps, perceiving itself to be in starvation mode.

The simple way to look at this is:  Your body is constantly regenerating.  Cells die and new cells are created.  Your skin sheds, hair and nails grow, food and liquid move through the body. What do you think your body draws on to create these new cells?  Some of the ingredients are the environment – the air we breathe, the personal care and beauty products we use; but a majority of the ingredients is what passes your lips.  Nearly sixty percent of the body is water; but what if you only drink coffee and soda?  If you only eat things from a box, or prepackaged man-made foods like cereal, bread, pizza, cookies, yogurt, juices, soda, power drinks, chips, snack bars, popsicles/ice cream jellies/jams, drive-thru foods, and basically ninety-nine percent of what is in the grocery store; this is what your cells have to rebuild with.  All of these types of foods are nutritionally empty.  In fact, most things are so over-processed that they have to add back in vitamins and minerals after the fact, hence the products boasting on the box that they have extra vitamins and minerals!  And we wonder why cancer and illness is on the rise?  Why the obesity in America is now considered an epidemic. It’s the food.

If a majority of your diet is not of foods that grow from the earth, you are starving yourself, and setting yourself up for disease.  And, if you already have illness, your greatest chance of survival, honestly, is to get your diet back to water, fruits, veggies, grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds.  If you do consume animal protein, it should be limited to organic, grass fed animals, and with that, only a fist-sized portion about twice per month.  Perhaps you’re thinking there is not enough variety in this, or it’s going to take an eternity to prep – but I assure you, that’s not true.  What I would also say is… this is your life we are talking about here.  I can guarantee you are worth thirty minutes a week of cleaning vegetables; just ask those who love you.

So, my client is simply not getting enough nutrients into her body, and her body is holding onto every drop of food it gets, storing it as fat.  If she were to consume more true, natural foods, at regulated intervals, I assure you, she will release the weight.

When was the last time you nourished your body?

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