Palpate Your Desires

Introductory Session


In massage we use palpation as a way to assess what we feel under our fingertips, this Coaching introductory session is much like that.   We are assessing for what is healthy, thriving, and supporting the function of the whole, to guide you towards what you are desire in life, as well as, feeling for areas within you that are depleted, over-stressed, resistant, and diminished in function and strength.  We’ll offer time and focus on the areas in need of attention, and plant the seeds for future growth and change.

Currently, this 30-minute session is complimentary (valued at $45). During our time together you’ll have an opportunity to experience my coaching style, and learn about my programs’ benefits.  Based on what you’re seeking, I’ll get a sense if my skill set would best serve you for your journey forward.

To schedule your Palpate Your Desires Introductory Session please click here, and select the date and time that best fit your schedule.  All sessions are conducted over the phone.

I look forward to talking with you.