Are you are a preparer or a wing-it type of person?  Have you thought through all of the possible outcomes or options?  Or are you just going to figure it out as it unfolds?  Are you an ‘all your eggs in one basket’ type, or a spread it out to cover your bases type? Does it change for you based on how important the outcome is to you?  Does this go hand-in-hand with being decisive or indecisive?  Does this coincide with your beliefs?  Does this speak to your mind-nature or your soul-nature?

Curious, isn’t it?  How differently individuals choose to manage their lives, their alignment towards their goals and aspirations, and their sense of worry.  I was recently talking with a friend about an upcoming opportunity, and she immediately began to give me possible options, and ideas to address concerns.  It was so beautiful to watch her caring nature unfold.  What also struck me in that moment was that I really didn’t have any worries or concerns about how the opportunity would or wouldn’t work out.  I felt comfortable just putting in the effort and letting it unfold.  But that got me thinking- when I applied to graduate school, I only applied to one.  The one I wanted to go to.  And in my meditations, I continuously manifested my heart to that place as a student.  I followed an online forum of current students to acknowledge their journey to manifest with more respect and honesty for myself.  I believed.  Mind you, I did have a backup plan, but it was to increase my undergraduate learnings to reapply to that very school again next Fall.

Here’s the curious part; since being accepted, I have planned my schedule to accommodate needed study time.  I have rearranged my jobs to improve my stability so I would not be juggling as much while trying to focus on my learnings.  I spoke through my hesitations, concerns, and fears with my partner.  I acknowledged the potential pitfalls and began to seek solutions now, to minimize the possible stressors.  I bought all the assumed needed supplies.  I ordered all my textbooks, secured financial aid, and cleared my electives with my advisor.  For this part of the journey, I was not willing to wing it.  And, I began to ask myself why that was.

You see, this is where beliefs come in.  When I studied massage therapy, it seems I was obsessed with being my best at it.  I pushed myself every day to study and practice.  I walked away with a 4.0 GPA, and an offer to be one of the first students ever hired into the school’s professional massage clinic.  But, all of that perceived ‘success’ ultimately cost me relationships that I valued.  Can you see the through line here?  The belief that if you pursue what you want, to the best of your ability, you risk losing those you love.  Now, you and I both logically know that it’s about balance.  If I had insisted on more balance in my life, I would have likely formed a different belief for myself.  If only the logical mind was all it took to rewire our beliefs!

So, my theory is – we are all more carefree with opportunities that do not strike any of our pre-routed limiting beliefs. Opportunities that do not snag our fear chord, and cause it to resonate deep within us.  Now, you might be saying, “I’m simply a Type A personality.”  But, consider why that is.  You are a Type A personality because at some point that secured your love, safety, or belonging’ which are the foundations that beliefs are built on.  You maintain those behaviors because they have positively served you in your life, but likely to your detriment at times regarding your stress, self-care, life balance, and health.

I talk a great deal about beliefs; more than any other topic because they are the ground floor to which all of our lives are built upon.  I welcome you to email me, to share with me belief recognitions you have had, or insights you have gained, through reading the articles these past three years.

On this three year anniversary, I also want to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful aunt Anne Southworth who, week after week, edits my articles and helps build my writing skills.  I would also like to thank Andrea Tennyson, of the Hometown Gazette, for allowing me this blessed opportunity to share with all of you each week.  Lastly, I want to thank all of you who have taken the time to read the articles.  It’s such an honor to be on this journey with all of you.  

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