I’ve been feverishly purging every nook and cranny of my home, scrubbing as I go, and it feels absolutely amazing!  Admittedly, I needed a bit of motivation to get moving, but once I experienced the joy of letting go of long-kept belongings, the pleasure of the new open space overrode the uncertainty.  Purging requires us to let go, and that can be difficult as we often tie emotions, and sometimes even, identity, to our belongings.

It’s easy to have the thought that, since we have the space in our home to hold our belongings, we may as well keep them all.  But, let’s be honest – you know you have clothes in your closet you likely haven’t worn for years!  You’ve been waiting for them to fit just perfectly, and holding onto them until that undetermined day in the future.  What if you cleared that space; setting the intention in your life that you are going to make the changes you need to comfortably fit those future clothes?  And, when that day comes – you are going shopping for something brand new to reward all your hard efforts?  Sounds better than wearing a fashion that is a decade out of its prime, doesn’t it?

Stuff is replaceable if you ever did actually need to have something you once purged.  My boyfriend has been looking for several years now for a guitar that he purged in his teens.  Now, clearly it was special to him, but let me ask – do you remember in vivid detail that last items you donated to the thrift?  Can you name all of the books on your shelves?  Chances are, you may have one guitar you regret selling, but that’s one in a million of all the gems hidden within your home that no longer serve you.

In my purging adventure I decided to host a yard sale, in the hopes of recouping some of my financial investment.  I also put a few of the bigger items onto online sales’ boards, just to do my due diligence.  However, in my heart, I’ve also reflected on the idea that if nothing I purged sold, that I would be completely comfortable donating all of my items to a local thrift that serves a charity.  What an incredible way to give back!  Chances are, you have been managing just fine without the money for that dusty treadmill, which is likely just taking up space in your home and your mind.  So, donating it really isn’t a loss at all, in my reasoning.

Now, there are a few possessions I have that I hope to have my entire life; special gifts or memory markers of a specific time or event.  I’m going to advocate that with these types of items we get them out of the hope chest and up where we can enjoy them.  If they are fragile make them secure with framing or cabinetry, but what’s the point of never witnessing something that we truly cherish?  These are our best stories for when we lead guests through our home, not the generic tchotchkes from a box store.  With that said, if you have fifty stones from your favorite vacation beach, does that make you love it more than if you only had one?  Purging doesn’t have to mean all our loving belongings go, but perhaps we clear the excess.

Only recently, when purging, was I able to throw out the last sticks that my dog had played with before her passing.  Mind you, I also had her ashes, paw print, collar, toys, clothes, bandanas, a million photos and videos, but I just couldn’t let those sticks go.  Some things take time before we can part with them, so allow yourself to also respect any healing grief within yourself.  Those sticks obviously didn’t change the truth that she was gone, and when I could trust in myself that I was fully holding the memory of the joys we had with all her sticks over the years, those specific ones became less important to keep.

So, I challenge you to pick a room in your home and get cracking.  Not only are you opening up cupboard space, but you are opening up space within your soul to allow more new in.  It’s freeing to declutter your closets, and thus your mind, from the habitual old thoughts those items routinely conjure.  Happy purging!

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