Recalibration and restoration of your higher-self can sometimes feel like it would require you trying to quickly turn a zillion pound freighter in the opposite direction.  Thankfully, we are all capable of this magnificent feat.  It will require us to hold an understanding of self-awareness, our expectations, boundaries, and also a trusted support system.

I believe most of us can recognize when we are “off,” or not reacting to life, or others, with our best foot forward.  Where we feel a frenzy; a frustration, or even, a near hysteria inside.  Many people seem to get stuck in this state until their external situations change and become more manageable.  But, I would like to propose that we are able to pull the reigns on this mindset within ourselves, if we discover our needed internal concoction.

First, we have to know ourselves from a place that is more grounded in order to return to it; or we have to know there is a more grounded self within us that we are willing to do the work to set free. This is the self-awareness aspect of transformation out of a reactive mindset.  Understand; the key here is being able to see how your actions are affecting others; how your interactions are from that darker place within, and not from that place of love.  And, yes, there can be points where we recognize we are crumbling what we value most, and yet the idea of changing our mood still seems about as easy as quickly turning a freighter.  Again, the key here is self-awareness; knowing you want to make a change because you can see how you are not serving your life in a positive way from this state of mind.

Once we have this recognition, we can begin to take genuine action, to pull ourselves through our disjointed state.  What I have discovered is that when I get in these states, it is often because I have set my expectations too high for myself.  Likely I have already over-compromised myself to a place of discomfort before the breaking point situation arose, or I’m placing such value on the task at hand, that I lose sight of my true priorities; meaning the things I value most in my life.  What do you expect from yourself?  Each and every time?  Do you get myopic when you have a task in front of you?  What about one that means a great deal to you?  I recently decided to forego gathering additional undergraduate courses to bridge my learning to a Master’s program, and rather jump in feet first.  In an effort to find the ‘perfect’ graduate program that meets all the requirements of my personal interests, as well as my pending move to Colorado, I recognized that the level of expectation I put on myself was too much.  Ultimately, while it is a huge decision, it is also just a matter of researching wisely, preparing myself as much as possible, and taking a leap of faith.  That’s really it.  If I begin a program that does not suit me, I choose a different one and move on.  Yes, I may lose money and time, but that is not as valuable as my sanity.  By managing my expectations, it helped me regain a more proper perspective, and thus it lessened the frenzy within.  We have to be willing to take that step back, take a breath, and open up our myopic perspective.

Boundaries is on this list, because if we have already over-compromised ourselves in other areas of our life, we will only find the off-rhythm banging within us gets louder with heightened times.  Knowing your discomfort is not about needed personal growth, but rather about who you are as a spirit, that is invaluable to learn about one’s self.

Finally, we must have support.  If we try to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders alone, we will likely be crushed.  Who decided we need to try to in the first place?  Oh, right, we did.  My guess is that there are people in your world who would be delighted to offer you their love and support, if they knew you needed it.  There is no shame in asking for help.  It takes courage to allow ourselves to be loved, especially at times when we have not been reacting to the world lovingly.

Perhaps we will even come to see that it never was a freighter to begin with.  That once we released the tethering straps, it was honestly meant to be a soaring hot air balloon in our lives.

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