What is Reiki?

Well, to be honest, initially, this healing modality seemed a bit too out there for me.  However, that all changed one day, thanks to a handsome dog named Diesel.  During my studies with Canine Massage Therapy, for weeks and weeks, I had witnessed Diesel receive massages.  One day, he served as the demo dog for a Reiki Master who had come to our class to lecture.  What I witnessed changed my mind forever.  As the Reiki Master sat quietly, with her palms extended, Diesel slowly backed himself into her hands and fell asleep – in front of the whole class!  This was so inspiring that I then took the Reiki Level One class and received my first attunement.  An attunement is when a Reiki Teacher Level Master opens your body up to accepting these types of energies from the earth.  Level One is the physical energy level. 

After my level one attunement, I decided that I would give Reiki a shot in my sessions.  Well, here I was, 10-minutes into a session with a dog that was very scared of people and was pacing about my massage room for several minutes, not allowing me to touch her.  With permission from the owner, I stopped the clock, sat in the middle of the room, drew upon the physical level energy as I had been taught, and waited.  Suddenly, that dog came up to me, sniffed me, sniffed my hands, crawled up into my lap, and allowed me to touch her.  In fact, when her time was officially up, her owner had to leash her to get her to leave the massage room.  That’s when I decided to take level two. 

Level Two is the emotional energy level.  Drawing upon the emotional energy of the earth.  I practiced at each level for a year before moving on to the next.  After over two years of study, I went on to the Level Three Master Level and was attuned for mental, and spiritual energy.  Since receiving my Master Level attunement, I can genuinely say that I feel different.  I feel life energy all around me.  I feel it from people, nature, animals… it is beautiful.

This is what Reiki is to me… it’s an intense, powerful method of healing.

What does Reiki feel like to receive?

It can be different for each person.  Some people feel a warmth through their body; some see colors; some have memories from their life come over them, and most people feel a deep sense of calm.

Reiki vs Energy Work

With Energy Work, the practitioner is often looking to find areas in your body that are overwhelmed or lacking energy, and then they offer energy to you, with a purpose attached to it.  However, with Reiki, the energy is offered allowing your body to decide where it is best used, and for what purpose.

What are some of the benefits of Reiki?

Truly, the benefits are endless, but people often report feeling a very deep sense of fulfillment and calm.  The physical energy offered promotes healing to areas of the body in need, and since Reiki does not require contact to the body (though contact is often made), it can be used on areas that are too sensitive or wounded to touch.  Mental, emotional, and spiritual healing… yes!  Past wounds that live in the body, emotional scars that have been present for years, fears that hold us back, a nagging sense of unfulfillment, difficult mental clarity, over-the-top stress levels… Reiki can help with these.

How do I book a session?

Reiki can be added to any massage session, or serve as a stand-alone session.  Typically I have clients book an extra 30 minutes of massage time that is then designated for the Reiki session.  I have found starting a session with Reiki, and then going into the massage, has brought clients to a very profound place.