After a five-month hiatus, it is my great honor to return to the Hometown Gazette and reconnect with all of you on a bi-weekly basis.  During our time apart, I often thought about what I would share with you upon my return.  There were many ideas that came to me, but what rose up as the main theme is the process of letting go.  While I have certainly experienced letting go in the past, these past five months have asked me to reevaluate the magic of letting go and the profound way it can reshape your life. 

A brief recap since we last connected – a mere forty-six days after putting my Chicago condo on the market it closed and I uprooted to Colorado Springs, Colorado.  This set off a whirlwind of letting-go opportunities that brought forth, not only my immense gratitude for the nature I’d walked by for over a decade, my friendships, clients, neighborhood dogs, team of doctors that had worked to help me with my vision, and cherished memories experienced, but also a well of emotions that redefined the word bittersweet.  Not to mention that, when you decide to move over a thousand miles from your family, you become keenly aware of the fourth of July barbecues and birthday celebrations you will likely miss.  So, why go?

Sometimes our dreams ask of us to take giant leaps of faith that can be as terrifying as they are exhilarating.  And, for me, holding that faith to follow where your gut pulls you is what living is truly all about.  The thing with letting go is that it insists we recognize how much we were holding on.  How much we were defining our selves by our roles and relationships; our perceptions of what our life is and who we need to be to maintain it.  With the brightest spotlight shining on how easily we will surrender to Life and allow for it rather than try to control it.  And, admittedly, when first confronted with letting go on this grandiose of a scale, it was indeed unsettling.

My floundering, a seeming refection of my struggle to decipher just who I was without my known roles, and who I wanted to now be.  Within this tussle was the opportunity to let go of past roles, even if once beloved, that needed not be a part of this new trajectory.  I felt free to genuinely ask myself what aspects of myself do I recognize as essential?  What goals remain as pressing?  It’s interesting how raw you can feel after letting go of so much.  And, while I have always been someone who insists on a life filled with things that make me happy, that happiness now seems elevated to fulfillment. As though every brick I place in the new foundation of my life will be hand-picked, with the fullest trust in Life.  While I feel flexible to what Life is offering; continually challenging myself to remain open to new possibilities, I also feel insistent that whatever I choose is in alignment with my sense of deeper fulfillment.  

You see, I genuinely loved my life in Chicago.  And it was that love for the life I had built that allowed me to trust in what was calling to me.  My past experiences of trusting in that deeper calling within had led me to that life I loved, and thus it eased the risk of following it into the unknown.  Do you hear that deeper voice within?  Do you trust in it?  Do you act on it?  How often?  I was sharing with a colleague the other day that perhaps the best way to start is in the little, seemingly less important things.  You hear that voice that says, “try a different salad dressing today.”  Acting on that does not really present great risk, but yet, it is a way of letting that voice within know you can hear it, and that you value it.  The more you follow through on these seemingly small callings, the more confidence you will build to act on the ones that seem a bit riskier.  

Who do you identify as?  What roles do you claim as part of who you are?  Which ones offer you deep fulfillment?  What would happen if you let go of the ones that didn’t?  What space would that open up in your life for new opportunities?  What would give you the courage to take that leap of faith and simply let go?

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