Rooted in Transformation

6-Month Odyssey | 12 Bi-Weekly or 24 Weekly Sessions


Over this six-month odyssey, you will gain a deeper understanding of your desires and goals.  During our sessions, we will work to repair and refine the developmental tools you are using to serve you; while introducing targeted, new skills, to further your alignment.  The ample time frame allows for these new, and refined tools, to be implemented and test driven, to create a foundation of confidence.  Having the opportunity to investigate your patterns, belief structures, and identity-shaping factors, will ensure you are carving out the life of your dreams, and the skill set to maintain it.

  • Twelve bi-weekly, or twenty-four weekly, 90-minute transformational coaching sessions
  • This program will be conducted over the phone
  • All individual sessions are able to be booked through this site; making the program flexible to meet your needs
  • Worksheet(s) and applicable information will be emailed; relevant to your desires and goals
  • Email support throughout the program is available for clarification on shared information or action steps
  • All session cancellations, with less than 24 hours notice, will be forfeited, with the exception of one grace session, which allows for one late, emergency cancellation, without penalty. The program contract will allow you an additional three months to complete the Rooted in Transformation program.
  • Money back guarantee– because I stand behind my work!  (Prorated balance, minus $50 cancellation fee)
  • You may pay with cash, check, credit card, or Chase Quick Pay
  • Lock in these prices for your first renewal of the program
  • Massage Therapy can be added to this program at a discounted rate!  Click here for more details!
  • 12 Bi-Weekly SessionsThe investment is $1620 with a full payment before the first session, or two payments of $871 each, to be paid before the first and seventh sessions (totaling $1740), or three payments of $600 each, to be paid before the first, fourth, and eighth sessions (totaling $1800).
  • 24 Weekly SessionsThe investment is $3240 with full payment before the first session, or four payments of $870 each, to be paid before the first, sixth, twelfth, and eighteenth sessions (totaling $3480).