Like a sculptor inspired by curiosity, this is what I have come to revel in on a spiritual quest.  No matter what form you have taken in the past, if you allow yourself to be open, you can reshape your existence to reveal an inner radiance.  On my month-long break between school semesters I’ve found that, beyond reading ahead, I also had time to do some spiritual reflecting.  Challenging those perceptions that lie within my traditional knowledge, and allowing myself to embrace all of that which truly fills me.  That which enriches my trust in life, and directs me toward an inner light of radiant being, where service is the maestro.

Are you cut from a particular cloth?  Or perhaps you are woven into a multidimensional cloth?  What I mean is, have you declared a specific spiritual directive or are you more of an amalgamation?  What resonates in you; awakens you, and draws you closer to the light within?  Is it one spiritual path, or do you touch your toes onto any and all allowing growth within? 

Tonight I was at a spiritual gathering and the lecture was discussing a hunter who would pierce animals with his bow and allow them to suffer as they fell to death.  The hunter explained that he was taught to do this, and he was taught to derive pleasure from it.  Once the hunter was enlightened to the understanding that all suffering we create we, too, shall suffer, he changed his ways.  It made me think of moments in my life when I have created suffering… knowingly created suffering.  Where I chose my reactivity over my sense of deeper love.  I began to recognize that until we genuinely tap into that sense of deeper love or a love of the higher light, that we are unable to see that there are truly choices.  

Now, I want to also add that I am studying to be a mental health counselor, so with that said, I also believe that our mindset is a large contributor to our inability to perpetuate our continuous desire to create suffering; either for others or for ourselves.  Our mindset can twist us away from the simplicity of the light, and leave us lingering with desire, shame, and a path that feels like an endless circle of self-betrayal and denial.  So, allow me to say – I think it takes both.  Both a mindset geared toward self-compassion, compassion for all other beings, and a deeper sense of a spiritual light that guides the way.  

It can be easy to go through the motions of a spiritual path; where we rotely go through the motions of tradition.  The words fall from us, but their impact lies limp in our soul.  Unstirred, unchanged, not truly present in the calling or the divinity of the intention behind these ritualistic actions.  Where the light only shines down over us, but never radiates through you.  To me, this is more habit than a genuine chosen path strengthening our sense of service.  

So, where do you feel awakened in your spiritual journey?  Are you present?  Are you continuously re-sculpting yourself into greater service and deeper love?  It can feel impossible to allow in views which seem foreign to us, but it’s in those views that we can reawaken our love for that which we hold as a stern life conviction, or we can be opened to alternate possibilities that seem to call to us in a new language that makes our heart dance with light.  The truth is, either, in my humble opinion, are truly only valuable if we act on that love.  If we give freely of that love, without judgment or expectation. Think about this for a moment; linger here.  When was the last time you felt inspired by that deeper light of love within that you acted on it without any sense of judgment or expectation?  Be honest with yourself?  No judgment… that’s hard.  No expectation… that’s even harder.  

What would your life be if you could see that light in others before your judgment created your impression?  What if you could hold that love in the forefront as you simply listen?  Are you a listener?  Or are you insistent on sharing?  Does that sharing express your love for the one infant of you, or is it merely for your own self-interest?  You see, I ask these things because, well, these are the things I ask myself.  These are the ways that I feel drawn into the light, to be of service, and to grow my sense of self and service.  What will you ask of yourself to enhance the radiant light in you?

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