It’s almost time!  I’m so looking forward to joining with All Things Serenity Yoga Studio & Event Center, of Union City, to offer an hour-long presentation on October 7th at 7:30pm, as part of their Moonlight Yoga Series.  We will be coming together to discuss how to find balance in your daily schedule for the special activities that make your soul smile.  I promise you, there is time!  We will look at the stressors that keep us blocked from what it is we feel drawn towards, and the beliefs that coincide with them.  The night is about freeing yourself, and allowing your inner light to breathe and accelerate forward in the direction that truly best serves your heart.  I hope you know that you are welcome, no matter where you are in your life.  The hope is to build a sense of community, to grow in compassion, and new tools that are easily applicable in your life.

You never know when serendipity, that sense that you are on your life path, will make you feel that kismet synergistic shazam in your life.  Serendipity definitely caught me while I was in Oregon!  My boyfriend realized there was a meditation center right across the street from our hotel.  We felt it was meant to be, as the time and location seemed to perfectly flow with our adventure timeline.  The meditation session consisted of a 35 minute guided mediation, a 40 minute lecture on Buddhist philosophy, and a final 20 minute guided mediation.

As I sat there in my mala beads, certainly salty from the hikes that I had worn them on for the entire vacation week, I felt my heart begin to fully smile.  My beads had collected the energy of mountain tops, and natural wonders, and now they were collecting the energy of this small, yet magnificently peaceful space.  As we came into the lecture, I was surprised to understand how linked many of the principles, that coaches lead their clients toward, are the very same principles that our instructor was also illuminating.  Yes, her words were different, her visual definers, but yet, the same concepts that enthrall me on a daily basis, and profoundly impact my life… here they were!  That’s when serendipity swept me away!  To reflect on these learned ideas from a new perspective was absolutely invigorating, as well as, defining to what I know my soul holds most dear.

She was discussing the idea that one can only become enlightened if they actually believe they can.  How curious, because in my coaching world, we belief that you have to trust that you can be freed of what consumes your heart, in order to feel the true beating of its’ calling and nature.  She explained that they don’t focus on fixing what keeps you from enlightenment, but rather on what brings you to it.  Another beautiful parallel, as our thoughts are that you are always whole.  So often people want to focus on what feels broken, rather than on what feels freeing.  It’s only when we re-wire our beliefs, to change our life’s focus, that the beauty of our whole becomes more visible.  I pondered if our re-wiring was considered “fixing” in their philosophy, and I suppose I’ll need more classes to truly know, but I suspect any progress towards full self-acceptance, to allow for us to fulfill our desires, is pretty inline with theirs.

Another concept we focused on was the idea that you control your physiology and thus your mood.  If you are a regular reader of my articles, you know that this is a concept that I discuss often, as learned from Tony Robbins.  Small world, right?  Our instructor led us through a profound exercise, which I plan to share at the event on October 7th.  I look forward to watching others find this serenity through this simple exercise.  The ways that she discussed to alter the physiology were concepts that were new to me, and I treasured the new tools in my life, as I know they will allow me to be better of service to others.

Have you felt that sense of alignment in your life recently?  Where you know you are on your life’s path, or exactly where you should be?  It’s a feeling unlike any other!  If you are still awaiting this moment, fear not; the Universe is merely waiting for you to notice its efforts that are impacting your everyday, and guiding you on your journey.

Hope to see you all on October 7th!  No excuses… do this for yourself!  You won’t regret it!

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