It’s here!  Sunny summer days that call on us to bare a little skin and soak in the Vitamin D.  “But, but, but”, we say, “I’ve hibernated a bit this winter and I’m not exactly feeling it.  Well, ok, I am feeling it, but not in the way I’d like to be!”

What if?  This is my question.  What if we just accepted that every single person, no matter how fit or assured they appear, is thinking the exact same thing on some level or another?  Your age range may make you focus on different areas of your body, but we are all doing it, and for many of us we are still staring in the mirror at the changes we wanted to make a decade ago. 

So, what if we all agree that this is a mute point?  I’m being dead serious.  I can assure you that no one is judging you as critically as you are.  How do I know this?  Because I am a Health Coach and this is one of the key areas I work on with people.

So many of us get on the scale every morning to see how we should feel about ourselves.   I know this story well, as I did it myself for many years.  But that scale is only a number, and while it may reflect what efforts you’ve made, or need to make, it can’t make you feel a certain way – only you can do that.  As far as the scale is concerned the weight could be a crate of apples, or your dog. 

Ever meet someone and there is just something about them that you really like?  They give off this amazing positive energy that seems to greet you before you even shake their hand?  This is not because their arms are perfect in their tank top, or they have tight abs; chances are you never even noticed those details about them.  What you notice, that warming energy that you felt – that is their confidence; and confidence is simply a snapshot word for self-acceptance. 

Self-acceptance – it’s not that you are perfect, or pretending you are perfect and have it all together, or that you are at your ideal weight, or that you have no future health or life goals.  It’s about knowing that who you are, deep within; deeper than the titles you hold, deeper than the roles you fill, or the size you wear, or the money you make… but the person that you are carving out is someone that YOU are proud of.  I see it as knowing that you are asking more of yourself, allowing yourself to stand with your fears, to take those long hard looks at yourself, and seeking opportunities to change and grow – and knowing that you are perfect exactly where you are, as you are, no matter how far you still want to go.

Now, imagine for a moment that you allowed yourself to look on others this way!  Did you just take a step back?  We judge others – that’s often how we decide where we fit in the chain of things; but, what if we didn’t?  What if we knew we belonged exactly where we were in that moment in time, and that it had nothing to do with anyone else?  Our beauty is not tied to theirs; our success, our acceptance – we hold the power, and only when we judge others do we give it away.

I would LOVE to have you post your radiant, magnetic smile on the Balanced Presence Facebook page in your Summer best!  Show us your strength, and your sleeveless self-acceptance, because that is truly beautiful.

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