The luck of the Irish to you!  St. Patrick’s day is upon us and it seems luck, and all things green, are in the air.  I’ve always had a fascination with the idea of luck, and just how it fits into this thing called life.

If someone says to you, “You are so lucky!” What do you take that to mean?  There is certainly an excitement in that statement; almost a sense of surprise, or amazement, by what has just befallen you.  Sometimes we hear a twinge of jealousy, or a deflated self-reflection of the tellers own woes of luck. Sometimes it’s meant to joke about, sarcastically implying that you are indeed unlucky, and now have a mess on your hands to deal with.  I’ve been told I, personally, have incredible luck when it comes to finding parking spaces.

The Google definition of luck is: “success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.” Interesting!  So, being lucky or unlucky in life is not based on our action or inaction, but, rather on some outside force called chance.  And what is chance?  “The occurrence and development of events in the absence of any obvious design.” Even more interesting!  I’m particularly drawn to the words, “in the absence of any obvious design.”  So, if we put these together; luck is: “success or failure apparently brought by the occurrence and development of events, in the absence of any obvious design, rather than through one’s own actions.”

Well, this got me wondering, what is the definition of fate? Fate, as a noun, is defined as: “The development of events beyond a person’s control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power.”  A ‘supernatural power,’ which, I think sounds a bit like, ‘the absence of any obvious design,’ described as chance.  Fate, as a verb, is defined as: “Be destined to happen, turn out, or act in a particular way.” This definition also hints at the idea that one’s actions are not necessarily a determining factor in the outcome; again, much like chance. Fascinating, isn’t it?  What do you believe about luck?

Personally, I’ve always thought of luck as alignment.  I believe that if we align our life, and our energy, with our desires that the universe conspires to give them to us.  And, in that conspiracy, we often see great serendipity that could be, to the outside eye, seen as luck.  Ever notice that when you finally decide to put your mind to something that opportunities start to show themselves?  Well, I believe those opportunities have always been there, but that we were never focusing our energy on seeing them.  For example, I am a part a business Mastermind group for entrepreneurs.  One of my colleagues was saying that it had taken her nearly a year to approach her boss about the kind of coaching work that she did that could work in conjunction with the main functions of the business.  She said, once she had this conversation, it seemed like a flood of opportunities showed up for her.  Fate? Luck? Alighment?  I’m not saying I know; I’m saying that I believe it was alignment.  Letting the power greater than her know that she was ready to start serving her purpose on a bigger stage, and thus those opportunities began to rise up to meet her newly carved out clearing on her path.

It seems often luck is associated with being at the right place at the right time, but I would question; how did you end up there in the first place? Your arriving at the particular place in time required an action on your part; a choice.  That choice was based on what you were believing about yourself at that time, thus the energy you were putting out into the universe.  And, so, any magic that happens from this place, I see it as the universe matching that energy to begin offering the opportunities you newly viewed as possible.

What about unlucky?  What makes a person unlucky?  Doesn’t it seem like unlucky occurrences happen most often when we’re having an off day?  When our energy level is low, or we’re putting out a distorted vibe, such as irritability, or impatience?  Perhaps it’s simply believing that you can’t actually have what it is that you desire.  How would it possibly manifest in one’s life if they continually put out the energy that they can’t have it.

When I looked up the etymology of the word luck, I found that it originated in the fifteenth century from a shortened version of the word, ghelus, which means “happiness, good fortune.”  It makes me think of luck as the bi-product of doing what you love, which, I think, happens when we are aligned with our desires. 

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