Today we are going to pull the lens back and broaden our view on love.  Where do you believe that the feeling of love comes from within yourself?  Personally, I believe love is what naturally resides in us, and it aches for us to hold an openness within ourselves to fearlessly embrace it.  In my thoughts it seems that the only thing that neutralizes love is fear.

As I look out at the current landscape within our country, it is clear that acceptance of others is certainly in jeopardy within the hearts of millions of Americans.  As someone who coaches from the motto of, “Spread the love,” while motivational, it can also feel heartbreaking.  I see this cultural famine as coming from a spiritual famine within those individual souls that are not able to recognize the God, or Oneness within others.  The inability to see their own reflection of a life desiring acceptance, equality, fairness, and kindness within all living beings.  Personally, I do not know one living soul that wants to be mistreated or viewed as less; who does not long to avoid suffering?

When we hold our personal truths to be the one and only truth, we are no longer looking on life with love, but rather fear.  Rigid in our hearts to the openness that allows our beliefs to be challenged and growing within us, as if they are breathing along with us, but rather it keeps us stuck and stifled.  We then begin sternly insisting in our beliefs out of fear – fear that they are fallible or flawed truths, fear that what we know is limited, fear that we are no longer in the graces of what is acceptable, fear that we are wrong, fear that there is more than one path to the same truths, fear of a loss of control or power, fear that what we don’t understand could be dangerous or threaten our way of life.  However, these truths are social truths that have allowed the powerful to remain powerful and the poor to suffer.  This is not the way that humanity is intended; at least I don’t believe it is.

I read, “Love one another,” to which there was no disclaimer.  The personal disclaimers being added by so many in this country is frightening, saddening, maddening, and driven by fear.

So, how do we get a grip to hold ourselves open to accepting others? As I wrote last week; understanding that we are all one is truly essential to curbing the gamut between judgment to hatred.  No matter how grand the scale, these are both on the same chart.  So, when you ask yourself: Why do I fear a certain person or group of people? What is it about them that makes them fearful to me?  Why do I believe they have different desires for life than I do?  Why do I believe that they are not equally human?  What about me might they fear?  You see, hiding in the collective to justify personal fears is how hatred is fueled.  There is no personal responsibility in the collective.  How can you say you are of God, or the Source, or the Universe if you allow the love of all that has been created to be tainted by fear?  That’s a pretty strong question, isn’t it?  When we look on others with less equality, we are indeed lessening our connection with the loving oneness that resonates through us.  We take that step away from God, or Source, or Oneness.  And, we are thus consciously choosing to suffer and add suffering to our shared planet.

Mind you, this concept also applies to when we judge ourselves.  You see, when you minimize the magic that is you, you are removing yourself from the wholeness of life; the perfect oneness that resides within you and connects you to all living beings.  So, dig deeper and insist that you will investigate your fears.

The beauty of allowing these ideas in is that the power to bathe in the love that resides within your soul comes down to a choice.  That love is always there, always present, and our actions to express it can only be neutralized by our undigested fears.  This offers hope to what is transpiring within our country; that acceptance and love can prevail.

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