I’ve been thinking today about the simple progressions we make in life.  I recently got a new computer, and thus a new computer case, new software.  In our home we recently got some new hiking accessories.  Yesterday one of my best friends moved to Germany to begin a new adventure.  Life just rolls along.  I then began to think about those times where one feels like they are in a stalemate with life.  Where nothing seems to be progressing, and yesterday blends into today with no fireworks.

I think back to the days when I was a shut-in, before I learned and experienced coaching.  Where I would walk quietly through my life; my main excitement proved creating clever dog bandanas.  I was peaceful, slightly productive, lonely, and ultimately, hurting.  I fell into the calm of routine to survive what all my mind and heart were processing.  I was progressing, if I think about it, but at a snail’s pace, and I likely would have stayed there if not for a Universal intervention that awoke my spirit once again.

I’ve come to see that floating is not painless, but yet, a carved routine of tolerable comfort for what we’ve told ourselves we deserve from our life.  Likely the floating happens following a life change, or a long time without a life change.  It’s a place where we are being asked to shift, but we don’t have the internal resources to know how to in a way that feels safe.  A place where we have told ourselves that each option we can conceive only leads to likely disappointment or more hurt.

But, let’s sit with this idea for a minute.  Of course you are not thinking of all the potential new menu options to create a change in your routine; your mind would not like that.  Your mind is wired to keep you safe, and safe means the same.  You survived this list of things once, so it is probable you could survive them again.  So, how do we get out of these deeply carved ruts?  And how do we get to the place within ourselves where we even want to?

There is one really vital piece of information to not forget if you are standing on this precipice – you are not in this alone.  Your life is not your own.  Your life is interwoven with others, and you are just as necessary on their path as they are on yours.  Life itself will not allow you to fall into the quiet rut-filled abyss, unless you are determined to.  Yes, from this precipice you will need your courage, and you will need to make that decision that your life is valuable.  And, oh yeah, you will need to take that leap of faith.

If you are honest with yourself, even in your padded world that you have created, the Universe continues to sneak in and plant hints of possibility.  Perhaps you’ve been in line at the grocery store and a random stranger engaged you and made you smile; the Universe reminding you who you are with those emotions plugged in, even if for the briefest of moments.  You’re outside walking and the brightest of orange flowers catches your gaze; life does have some beauty.  That old friend that you’ve turned down more times than you can count, they reach out again because they still believe in you, and likely miss you.

You see, these clues to new menu options for your life, they are in bold print all around you.  But, only you have the power to see them for what they can be.  If now is not the moment; what day will you put on your calendar to look up?  What day will you be healed enough to not embarrass yourself in front of others?  Or look how you feel you need to?  Or be happy enough?  I mean these questions sincerely.  Because when you consider them sincerely, you can realize how they sound.  If you look back over your life, I am confident you can find at least one moment where you weren’t feeling like you were at your best, but, likely out of requirement, you attended a public function, and you survived; possibly even enjoyed yourself.

You see, it’s when you believe you are enough that you can take that leap of faith.  Or, if I may; it’s when you are willing to find out what you are worth to yourself that you are able to take that leap of faith.

As a Transformational Life Coach, I know a lot of people’s darkest fears and harshest moments, and I can confidently say, I have never met a single soul who wasn’t worth it.

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