I was recently listening to a five-part lecture by Michael Beckwith, minister and spiritual teacher, on the ideas of radiance and emergence. I want to share about them with you, because it dawned on me that these beautiful concepts might enhance everyone’s experience of the holiday, and beyond.

Beckwith explained that so often we are focused on the energy around us; about what is coming into our life; what we are attracting to us.  We are allowing the external to shape our experiences by the reactions we express to how our needs are being met, and by what surrounds us. What he suggests is focusing on our radiance, or what we are radiating out.  He asks: “What quality are you radiating? What gifts are you radiating?”  By doing this, we are no longer focusing on what we are receiving, or not receiving, from the external around us; but rather, expressing the God, or Universal spirit, within us by offering a vessel for that majesty of energy to radiate outwardly.  We are no longer victimizing ourselves, but rather empowering our being by serving as a conduit for a greater being.

I began to think about a coaching session I had with a client who had been distanced from her sister because of the wedge her mother had insisted existed between them.  My client recognized her personal desire to repair the relationship, but was fearful of how her sister would react.  Through our session, we were led to see that ultimately, my client didn’t need any particular response from her sister; she merely wanted to offer her love to her.  Her sister’s receiving of that love would not be of my client’s concern, as her intention was purely to give, not receive.  Thus, she felt safe to reach out to her sister, and share with her about how she had been missing having her in her life.  If we looked at this in Beckwith’s terminology, she chose to radiate her love, that deep Godly love from within her to another, and allow that to be how she presented herself to the world around her. She removed need and expectation, and focused on offering the gift of compassion and love outwardly to another.

Beckwith suggests that the more we practice being radiant beings, the greater the Universe will emerge through us, filling us with its infinite love; a love far greater than we can manifest on our own.  When we allow the presence of God, the Universe, Source, to emerge through us, the more we will the world with that energy, as well as, fill our very existence with it.  This is about a whole, not a slice; it’s about focusing continuously on what you will radiate out, what you will offer, rather than what you will receive.  Understanding that what you offer is what fills your very needs.

Consider this:  If you close your eyes, I want you to envision the relationship you want to share with your partner.  I want you to see your interactions, feel your connection and sense of intimacy.  Visualize how you both feel contented and heard.  Now, I want you to be very honest with yourself, and continue to visualize what reactions within you compromise this.  When do your needs pierce that vision?  When does your ego step in?  When do you victimize yourself?  It stings a bit.  I know.  I, too, did this exercise for myself, of course.  Alright, so you’ve envisioned the desired life, and acknowledge the reality; now I want you to consider what you would need to radiate through you more; that would fill in those potholes of need and victimization; to allow you to trust in your relationship enough to let go of them.  What if you radiated that?  What could shift?  Imagine how choosing to radiate these qualities would invite an emergence of the greater spirit to emanate into your life more fully, possibly even inspiring others.

Beckwith’s concepts created a beautiful visual for me to reflect on my behaviors and needs that I was putting forth ahead of my heart.  I hope that by sharing these concepts with you that they will serve to reshape your holiday and beyond.  What will you radiate as you gather with loved ones this Christmas?  Wishing you the most joyous discoveries this holiday season!  You are a gift, as there is only one you; may you know that your expression is equally as unique, and feel the great fulfillment of radiating that forward.

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