Recently, my household has been turning out the light around 9pm to get up at 5am.  Now, I always considered myself a night person, especially after years of late night theater rehearsals, but I have to say, I believe I really am a morning person.  I had convinced myself I was one thing, because my situation required me to, but as I now live with more openness, I’ve realized I was the total opposite.

When you close your eyes and envision your dream life; what do you see?  Consider your relationships, your environment, your finances, your lifestyle, your spirituality – flush it out for yourself.  Now, which parts of that do you believe you can truly have?  All of it? Every tiny bit?  Or, perhaps you feel you can become financially free, but you’ll never have trusting friendships, or a loving partner.  Or maybe you feel like it’s really only a dream, and that is as close as you’ll ever get.  Here’s the real question – why is that?  Why couldn’t you have it all?  Really?

If you’re believing that your opportunities are limited because what you desire is completely new to the world, and there is no carved path to follow, I’d ask why you couldn’t carve one?  If you’re feeling like you are too plump to feel attractive and confident, which keeps you from engaging with others; then I would ask why you are settling for that as your life?  What would you have to be believing about yourself to forgo the life of your dreams?  What would you have to be believing in order to have it?

I’d like you to think about someone you know, or know of, who has a life similar to the life you are desiring.  What do you imagine they are believing about themselves?  They’ve likely had obstacles, too.  They’ve likely had self-doubt.  But, what is one key difference between them and you?  Only you know the answer to this question.  Don’t let yourself down here by answering, “They’ve had more opportunities than me.”  Opportunity is all around each of us, it’s our beliefs that allow us to decide whether we will act on them, or even recognize them.  It’s our resourcefulness, and commitment to ourselves and our desires, that fuels us to achieving them.  If no one has yet called you to audition for the lead role in a Tony Award winning musical, perhaps your next step is saving up for a vocal coach, or auditioning for a local performance.  If you see those meager steps as failure, you’re missing the beauty of crafting your tools to serve you on your journey forward.

There is a reason why I was led to be a dog walker, massage therapist, and life coach.  You see, if I wouldn’t have followed where life was leading me, and just taken the safe road, I’d likely be in quite a rut when my vision changed.  I can no longer use a computer for long stints of time; not only does it leave my eyes feeling very fatigued, but it  now takes me a good bit longer to process between a paper in front of me, and the computer screen.  If I would have been too afraid to take those leaps of faith, I’d likely be out of work.  However, my dog walking helps me build my confidence to adjust to my vision out in the daylight.  My massage therapy skills offer me incredible touch perception, which I often use in areas where the lighting makes navigating hard to do.  And, the life coaching skill set has rewired my mindset to find the blessings in my visual changes, rather than focusing on the challenges.

So, what is the ultimate commitment you could make to yourself to hold you stronger on the path towards what you are seeking?  Is it the 5am alarm to make sure you can get in yoga and meditation?  And, as you ask yourself about your beliefs; where do you hear the disconnection between what you seek and what you believe possible?  What are those beliefs protecting you from?  How can you appreciate those beliefs for all they have kept you safe from, while allowing them to be open to newer beliefs; more aligned towards who you desire to be?


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