I’ve just returned from the vet; both dogs were tended, and I’m now $544 lighter in my pockets.  It’s interesting when I talk to fellow dog owners, to see where they personally draw the line on how much they can, or are willing, to invest in their animals.  There is no right or wrong, really, as it’s all based on what you believe is best.  Often, people will say that they wish they had more income to invest in better food, better gear, better classes, better health care, but they still feel they are doing an adequate job.  I suspect people with children likely have these same thoughts.

Upon returning home, I began making dinner for myself and my boyfriend, who was still out walking our third dog.  As we sat to eat, flipping through a brochure for the next state we are going to go check out, to see if it’s the next place we will call home, I was struck with a few ideas.  Part of why I want to move out West, besides the natural beauty and unique mindset, is to give my dogs a freer lifestyle.  I want a back yard for them, and I want to take them on true hiking trails.  I want them to feel less tethered to me, like they are required to be in the Mid-west.  I guess I just want to see them in that environment, because it’s where I feel the most free, and I trust that will translate to their lives, too.

So often we make decisions thinking of how it will impact others.  It can often be that desire to do better for another that pushes us to meet our fears head-on.  I find myself with a set number of new clients that I have vowed to sign, in order to secure the funds I need for this move.  Yes, I coach to be of service to others, but isn’t it such a blessing when your job efforts also serve to fulfill your own life, both emotionally and financially.  That is one of the things that drew me to coaching – the freedom to work from anywhere in the world with cell phone reception.  I envision making coaching calls from the base of a mountain in the morning, and hitting the trails with my family by afternoon.  It’s a huge motivator to encourage me outside of my comfort zone, to reach in a way I never have before, and to insist that I hold faith in myself that I am capable, both in skill set, and determination, to make this dream life a reality.

Now, another thing to ponder is that, sometimes, when we consider who will be affected by a positive change in our life, we may hold fear around, or be directly told, how it will negatively impact others.  For example:  I know that when I move out west that I will likely not be able to attend every holiday with my immediate family.  I will likely miss events, birthdays, celebrations, sorrows.  I know this will likely be hard for them, even though they want to support me and my dreams.  They will possibly feel torn.  And, their feeling torn will impact my taking action towards my dreams.  I will have to reconcile their emotions within myself, to stay driven to reach my client goals, and pursue my mountain trails.  My point here is that – sometimes our moving, or losing weight, or switching careers, or whatever is on your horizon, may bring about resistance from those you are closest too.  Those whose support you may have even anticipated to help you reach your dreams.  You lose weight; you may disappoint those in your family who want you to try a bite of their Sunday dinner.  Or, you may feel like you no longer belong because the rest of your family is overweight.  Or, you may feel like your love, safety, and belonging are threatened.  These fears will slow your dreams.  So, you will need to converse with them, and ultimately, find solutions for these possible concerns, so that your heart feels free to move forward.

So, what is it in your life that you have been dreaming about that you fear will bring about a resistance, or a sense of loss, to someone you love?  Is there a way to discuss it with them?  Is there a game plan you could agree to try, that you could start utilizing now, so that when your change happens, the new path is already well worn?  Fears are fascinating, as they can come from, not just us internally, but what we perceive will be a loss for another, and if we don’t address them, our subconscious will never allow us to move forward with our dreams.

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