Alright, let’s get practical!  You have goals for 2018 and now it’s about how do you accomplish them.  It seems the easy part is fantasizing about how your life will look when your goal is reached.  The kind of impact the change will ultimately have in your daily life, and likely that of those around you.  So, now we need tools that make those dreams a reality.

As of this morning, I personally started working on a timeline.  I pulled up a clean Google document, so I can work on it and refer to it from anywhere.  I entered first the deadline dates of all my goals; when do I want to achieve them by.  Then I began to back-step, day-by-day, of the tasks that are required for each piece of the pie, that leads to my goals success.  Honestly, there are a lot of parts and pieces to some goals, as they require multiple sonatas we must perform in order to actually be obtained.  So, we will need to flush out each aspect to truly land at our goal.

There is also the reality of our life, and how much time we have for these timeline tasks.  We may want to have a portrait painting of all of our loved ones by March 3rd, but is there feasibly enough time when you factor in the other treasures in your life that will require a chunk of it?  Why set a deadline that you can’t meet?  That’s guaranteeing yourself stress and discomfort in all that you do fill your time with.

I’m a big believer that we want to build our life on a foundation of energy that makes us happy along the way.  That is what the timeline is meant for, to avoid overwhelm, burn out, anger, regret, and blame.  If we reach our goal under these pressured emotions, what did we really gain?  This is your life we are talking about here!  Why choose stress?

Alright, how are you feeling as you read this?  Are you feeling stressed when these practical markers come into play?  Were you more content just daydreaming about it?  It’s alright to admit that to ourselves.  Perhaps what might be worth asking is what do you really want when you reach your goal?  What feeling are you wanting?  What change?  Perhaps you’re hoping, by changing some part of yourself, or your life, that you will ultimately be healing some aspect of your life?  On a side note:  If your change is meant to change the way you are with another, just remember, all relationships require both people being invested.  We can’t force another to make the changes that we feel will heal what we need to be healed, or we feel needs healing.

So, beyond your daily tasks; once you have purged the unnecessary fillers, how much open time do you genuinely have?  I would also strongly encourage you to not book every open space with a timeline task.  We need days to breathe, and time to reflect on why we are making these efforts to begin with.  We need time for laughter, play, and to simply “veg out” with headphones on, listening to our favorite bands latest album.  Once you can see exactly how much open time you have each week, then you can be realistic with yourself about whether your goal is achievable in the time you were hoping.

As I see it, if it’s something that you truly desire, then what is a few days, or months really going to change?  If you are looking for transformation, then knowing you achieved it by honoring what you love about your ‘now’ life, while you sculpt out what you are additionally desiring, that is how we hold our state of joy during the process.  An example:  If you crash diet from now until March, you may lose the 30 pounds you want to, but what have you really gained as far as how to keep it off?  Eventually you’re going to eat more than a saltine cracker each day.  So, we need to honor that weight loss is also about lifestyle change, not just food.  Why not create the foundation of this change with true tools that will allow you to keep off the weight, and achieve it from the inside out?

Trust in your gut, and listen to what you love.  Make time for what matters and, with gratitude, carve out what isn’t serving your life anymore.  Use this newly opened time to timeline out where you are headed, and be honest with yourself about how much time you anticipate needing for each step.  Your goals are yours to achieve; treat yourself with kindness and compassion as you strive for them.

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