What is Transformational Coaching

Imagine that inside of you is a pile of lumber; typically, for many of us, in some area of our life, that pile of lumber has been sitting there for quite a long while.  You have gathered the lumber over time; floating ideas of what you’d like to build with it; you may have even gone so far as to have drawn up blue prints, but yet the lumber still just sits there.  What is actually keeping us from building?  This is the question that Transformational Coaching helps you get to the root of, so that you can finally swing the hammer.

Transformation does not mean a different you. Transformation is not about fixing you.  You don’t need to be fixed. Transformational Coaching is about addressing the beliefs that keep you stuck, or not fully engaged, and side-stepping through your life. As well as, developing and sharpening your emotional skill set to create allowance and alignment towards your desires so your life can thrive. 

Transformation is going to require tools, new tools, and that is what all of my programs are specifically designed to deliver. Tried and tested tools that, when implemented, are the hammer and nails to transform that pile of lumber into more than you imagined possible. The goal is to align you with the person you envision yourself to be in your mind’s eye; fully engaged in your life. It’s about finding the flexibility within ourselves to live in a balanced presence. 

I admit, it sounds too good to be true, but when I look at the profound changes that I have created in my own life, through Transformational Coaching, there is simply no denying its power.  I am turning my internal pile of lumber into the most imaginative creations!  I’m investing in myself, and my life, from a whole new perspective.  The old habits and beliefs that were holding me back no longer restrict my life as they once did; allowing me to embrace every aspect of it from a clearer place of gratitude and growth. I get to finally be the me I always imagined myself to be!

It is essential that you come ready for transformation because the changes will begin immediately. It’s alright to be nervous, intimidated, or even scared.  Those emotions often quickly subside once you begin to feel your feet sliding into the shoes of your dream life. As I see it, this is your life.  The one you get.  Why not embark on it with every fiber of your being; free of limiting beliefs, and restrictive patterns?

Transformational Coaching is not about lists and fads, not at all; it is about your growth and reconnecting with yourself.

You should only embark on this journey if you are seeking…

A life so abundant that there is no room for ‘What If’s”.

This is about a journey, and it’s not a story you’ve ever told before. It’s the now, the step forward that sheds lose the layers that stand between your fears and your true self. This is your road to self-discovery, to purpose, to healing, to laughter, to peace, to your mind’s eye vision of you, to your dream goals, and to your inner light. It’s not random that you’ve landed exactly here.

The only real question is – Are You Ready?

Together we can uncover the tools that will effectively offer you the transformation you seek, and help you fully realize, and align yourself towards, your deepest desires.  I can work with you from wherever you are, as all programs can be conducted over the phone.

You’ve made it here; to these exact lines, on this particular website. That’s not a mistake; not a random coincidence. You want this. The Universe will lay your path out in front of you, you just have to embrace your courage, and take the first step.