You are feeling awakened to your life.  You are making choices that feel aligned with your gut.  You are taking those chances that seem too impossible to pursue.  You are on, what feels like, your purpose path, and that synergistic feeling is pulsing inside of you. You start to allow yourself to feel like it was destined, and then suddenly the plug is pulled.  The possibility ends.  That is not the direction your path will take.  It leaves you stumbling for your footing; even though nothing had really changed, you were already living in the anticipated change.  And, the question you are ultimately left with is:  How much do you trust in life?

As I mentioned last week, I have been taking some huge steps to move me closer to my goals.  One of my huge steps is to transition from mid-day animal care, massage, and coaching, to streamlining my offerings of these services to evenings and weekends, to allow me to pursue a full-time salaried position.  I’ve felt a desire to engage professionally with more people throughout the day, as well as re-sharpen my administrative skills.  I am also curious to explore my spiritual tools in a new setting and refine and grow them.  And honestly, I am excited about the idea of revisiting the other end of my clothing closet where my femininity can be spotlighted.  Transition, and certain continued transformation, to prepare me for my journey ahead.

As you have likely figured out, that phone call I had mentioned waiting for last week, came.  And that serendipitous feeling that had been dancing in my mind, during the interview process, came to a stand still when they announced they had gone with the other candidate.  You know, it took me a day to absorb that in, but the question it ultimately brought me to was:  How much do you trust in life?  Do I trust that I did not get this position because the Universe has something different in mind for my journey?  Or, do I hold bitterness and squander the experience; feeling resigned that I had failed in some way and that life was unfair?  Here’s what I know to be true – Life is good.  The Universe, or God, or whatever label you prefer – is good, and worth trusting in.  At least, in my life, in my beliefs that I have carved out for myself; the whole journey we are on requires that internal knowing that, yes, we have to do the work, but the Universe is guiding our path.

Yes, I had already begun to curb my dog walks, and filter my massage and coaching clients into new time frames.  I had already bought my first day dress.  I had already lived in the job, in my mind, to know it was a move I could make within my heart.  But, the Universe stepped in and offered a course correction.  This wasn’t the path I was meant to follow.  I don’t know why, but I know that I trust enough to not fret about it.  I trust enough to let go and move on.  Yes, I feel disappointment, but I also feel confident that what is meant to be on my journey will present itself when it is intended to.

So, my question to you is:  Do you trust in life?  How much?  Are you willing to let go of your hurts to understand they were necessary for your journey, but that they aren’t your whole journey? Necessary!  Why would they be necessary, you may ask?  Think about this – the hardest times in your life brought you to a new awakening about life, yourself, and others around you.  Some of those newly carved beliefs opened your spirit, some closed you, but all of them shaped you into who you currently are.  Those beliefs have played a major part in deciding how you navigated your path moving forward.

Let’s say I couldn’t move on from not getting this job.  Let’s say I blamed my visual disability, or I blamed the company for being (insert whatever belief you hold about corporations.)  That would definitely impact the job I did actually land, because I would have approached finding it with that wounded energy. Imagine this is how you’ve been kicking the dirt across any side-paths that were opening to you with new opportunities.  We make the choice of how we will move on our path; the Universe is there to guide us to our greatest service and love.

To me, a Universal course correction may jar my bones for a day or two, but ultimately it fills me with gratitude that something greater that I can comprehend; is leading me with the wholeness of life, towards my fullest heart.

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