Well, I’m pretty excited to be heading out West for vacation!  Hiking, hiking, hiking!  I’ve enjoyed going through all the free brochures we ordered online to learn about our destination, and its many attractions.  Picking our hiking trails has been the hardest part, as there are so many amazing ones to choose from!  Endless awesomeness!  And waterfalls!

Up until a few years ago, I went five years without a vacation; unable to afford the time off, or the travel itself.  And, honestly, during that time, I rarely relaxed.  I worked and worked; even spoiled one of my favorite hobbies trying to make extra income.  I felt like I needed to, but what I see now is how I might have done it a bit differently.

Part of what I will be sharing on October 7th at the Gaw Center for the Arts in Union City, is how we can accommodate more joy into our schedules, even at our busiest, or financially strapped times.  You see, what I’ve come to discover is that, while travel is indeed a vacation option, it’s not the only way to feel that sense of freedom or discovery.  Often the places we are familiar with the most remain a complete mystery because we are racing around, never fully present to appreciate them.

For my birthday, my boyfriend and I decided to grab a coffee and go cast our eyes upon this incredible mural that he passes on the way to work.  Driving past it everyday does not really allow you to capture the beauty, or effort. As we took in the shimmering magic of the gorgeous commute mural, we noticed a print out in the bottom corner of the window.  Apparently, just a few blocks away there was an entire series of murals!  So, we went on a grand adventure.  Turns out, some local artists converted a once bleak commuter train open-skied, tunnel-like walkway into glorious creativity!  Mind you, this was literally a few blocks off a very beaten path, but we were seekers of joy, and thus we discovered it.

Understanding what it is that makes you feel joy, or that sense of freedom, is the crucial component here.  Knowing that when I make time to brush out my dog, Benson, so that he is less itchy through the shedding months, makes us both happier.  I’m honoring my desire to feel like a loving dog owner, and I need only travel as far as my back porch for this burst of joy.  The important thing is to actually plan time for these events into your life.  It’s about choosing, not settling.  We’ll be discussing these types of tools in the seminar on October 7th.

Money, ah yes, money.  There are more limiting beliefs around money than most any other concerns.  Beliefs like:  “You have to work hard to make a good living.” “I can’t earn enough to survive, let alone, thrive.”  “I’ll never be wealthy.” Whatever you believe, you manifest.  So, if you believe you have to work hard to make a good living, the universe will honor that.  You will then be tasked to work hard in order to make a living.  Ever notice how when you come into some money, and then something breaks down, or happens, that causes you to lose it all?  That, I believe, is the Universe, responding to what you believe you deserve when it comes to money.  If you don’t believe you can trust in money, or your finances; that they will always be unpredictable – then they will be.  The energy you put out, around every aspect of your life, is the energy that is reciprocated by life.  If you allow yourself to believe that you will always be well taken care of; that you can do what you love and make a good living, then that is the energy that you will put behind each decision that you make.  You’ll be less fearful to invest, or try new opportunities, or follow your dreams, because you believe you deserve to.  That’s powerful.

I encourage you to plan a vacation, within ten miles of your house.  Perhaps it’s simply to the lawn chair on your back porch where you’ve borrowed your neighbor’s binoculars to bird watch for thirty minutes.  You have the time, we all have the same amount of time each day, it’s simply about how you fill it.  I suggest, at the bare minimum, peppering in what brings you fulfillment, because your happiness is worth it.

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