Ask any of my friends, and they will tell you that I can talk endlessly about alignment.  I’ve brought it up in multiple articles, but what exactly does alignment mean? I am talking about energetic alignment, which I realize for some might seem a crazy notion, but allow me to explain.

The idea is that we manifest our own lives by what we energetically align to; what we believe to be true, and how we interact with ourselves, others, and the world; these all dictate what the universe will offer to you.  If you are someone who believes that you have to work hard to have success, then the universe will honor that, and you will indeed have to work hard to have success.  If you believe you can work hard, enjoy life, and have an unparalleled level of success, then that is what the universe will offer you.

Your alignment is based on your beliefs and how you focus your attention.  If you are continually waiting for the other shoe to drop, you will always be on the look-out for clues that the shoe is in peril, thus unable to see the clues being laid out of your life’s potential beauty that is awaiting you.  On the contrary, if you are focusing your attention on serving others, and spreading love, that is what you will witness in your daily life.  Basically, you’ll be more open to seeing the butterflies dance the sky if you’re not constantly staring at that unpredictable shoe.  The energy you put out is an expression of  what you value; it’s either the perceived safety of watching the shoe, or the freedom to embrace each moment; and that is what the universe will respond to.

For some, they are in a job they loathe, and that negativity feeds in them for hours each day.  Every choice they make; feeling hopeless and ultimately convincing themselves that they are stuck due to the job market, or finances, or family responsibilities.  But, each of those reasons has a solution that does not require continued unhappiness.  Thus, everything in your life is a choice.  And, staying at the unwanted job that aligns you with negativity and hopelessness, is telling the universe that this is what you accept as your life.

As mentioned, this also comes down to belief; and typically, it circles around to what we feel we deserve.  If you deeply don’t believe you are worthy of a love beyond your wildest dreams, or bubbling happiness, or safety and stability – you will never fully have these things.  You may occasionally catch one of the endless cues the universe is offering, to move you closer to your abundant life’s path, and you may actually follow a cue or two; but ultimately, the demons of self-worth will creep in and taint it out of fear. The inability to welcome in, and embrace goodness into one’s life, will inevitably shut out the goodness trying to enter.  The more we believe we are worthy of life’s greatest joys, the more we are energetically open to receive them, and have them penetrate our very cells, changing and growing us.

So, how can you start creating that alignment? It seems your wisest advocate resides inside you, and is always available in every situation- it’s your gut instinct. That little twinge that runs through our abdomen, making us suddenly aware that we are feeling something harmonious, or ill-serving, to our being. When you are able to not only hear, but bravely follow it, this can begin your alignment towards all that you desire.  So often people hear that gut instinct cue and then immediately begin to rationalize it into absurdity.  They never take that leap of faith; and I believe that it is in the leap of faith that all your miracles reside.  I think about how, as a massage therapist, we asked people to define their pain on a scale of zero to ten; zero being no pain and ten being excruciating.  The thing is, this scale is completely subjective.  It’s all about your threshold, and it’s not something that can be compared between humans.  Some peoples’ three of pain is another person’s ten; it’s about conditioning.  For some, when their gut cries out, they are so far off their path that, after a while, their tens become threes; they adapt, and eventually they feel utterly and completely lost.  But, here’s the beauty in this – your gut has never stopped reacting; it’s still working for you; every moment, every situation; and what it comes down to is whether you are listening.  It’s a choice.  I assure you, you can align yourselves to everything you desire; because the more you listen to it, the easier it is to hear.

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