There is an incredible column that runs each week in this newspaper that specifically deals with smart ways to manage your money.  Do you regularly read it?  Research the ideas for your own life? Or, perhaps you find that you often hide away from all things pertaining to money, budgets, balancing your income and expenses?  Perhaps you even find yourself saying, “We can’t afford that,” but yet you don’t actually have a budget to know that to be true.  This is your money mindset, and it is creating the financial wealth, or lack of it, in your life.

Scarcity is a learned experience.  Indulgence is a learned experience.  If you were told you had to ‘work hard for an honest living,’ then you likely will, as we all want to feel ourselves honest.  If you were told, ‘money doesn’t grow on trees,’ you may hold a belief that money is hard to acquire.  If, as a child, you didn’t stop at yard sales or thrift stores, because used things are “gross,” then you likely still hold that mindset.  If you were not shown how to be fiscally responsible and avoid significant debt, you will likely overspend your budget and face financial hardships.  As with all beliefs I’ve ever written about, your wealth is a part of them.

Do you believe in abundance?  Meaning, do you believe there is abundant wealth waiting for you in this life?  Do you believe you could become financially free, or independently wealthy?  What about a millionaire?  Are you allowed to be that in your current mindset?  Are you worthy of that amount of income?  We are all capable of it, but we can’t have it if our mindset says we can’t.  Just like we can’t have a loving relationship, a job we thrive at and enjoy, a sense of spiritual enlightenment… these are all just the same beliefs cycling through different aspects of your life; dictating what you believe yourself to be, deserve, and be worthy or capable of.

How much money is in your checking account at this very moment?  And, if you share an account with another person; how aware are they? “Energy goes where your attention flows” – we’ve all heard this saying before.  So, if we give no attention to your finances, then there is not energy flowing in that direction of our life; we have dammed up all opportunities from getting through.  We have also expressed to the powers that be, that we are not interested in growing that area of our life, and thus opportunities are no longer visible to our non-discerning eyes. 

Beliefs ultimately equal choices, and those choices all lead to action, or inaction.  It’s these actions, or lack of actions, that capitalize on opportunities and possibilities.  Everything you have ever been successful with, you believed was possible.  Every goal you have ever achieved, you believed you were worthy of fulfilling it.  You sought out ways to move forward, and grow with the experience to get the most from it.  You pushed through any doubts and ultimately insisted you would succeed.  It may have been hard; you may have had moments of doubt, but something in you felt safe enough to insist on an outcome of growth and change.  What if you applied this to your money mindset?  If you insisted that you deserved a life of wealth, and you made choices that reflected this trust in yourself to be capable and worthy of that life; what choices would you make differently in your life?

Wealth is not about luck; it’s about insistence.  I would like for you to visualize yourself at the financial dream you have.  What acts of kindness are you able to offer the world?  What freedoms come with it?  What adventures would you pursue?  How does that version of you feel about money?  How does that version of you feel about themselves?  Are they doubting their worthiness?  Or, are they actively seeking opportunities, trusting in life, and giving it a more focused aspect of their time and attention? 

What is your opinion of wealthy people?  If you view the wealthy in a negative light then you are less likely to want to achieve wealth.  Personally, I have many wealthy friends; some millionaires in the same fields that I am pursuing.  I see these ambitious individuals as mentors to help me more clearly reflect on my views surrounding money and abundance.  I allow these individual’s successes to inspire me, and encourage me forward.  If you feel discontent towards the wealthy, I would suggest starting there.  Investigate that belief first, as it likely plays a large part in revealing more of your money mindset beliefs, and thus in where you find yourself to currently be financially.

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